New Premier League Kits 11-12 ( 2011/2012 Shirts)

The new kit releases of clubs in the English Premier League, the most popular football league in the world, are always anticipated with bated breath by fans. Most clubs now have a home and away kit release every season, plus an occasional third/European/ Cup kit.

Some clubs however have one particular kit releasing only once every two years, like Liverpool’s home kit ( which is for both the 2010/11 and 11/12 seasons.)

Here is a one stop list for all Premier League 11/12 kit releases. Contains all 20 Premier League clubs, and will be updated for new kit releases as and when they happen. Kit makers written in brackets.

You can also browse for other 11/12 kit releases from the Scottish Premier League , Bundesliga, Npower Championship, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A and other popular leagues. Check out the categories on the side for new 11/12 kit releases. You can also see kits by manufacturers (Adidas, Puma, Nike, Kappa, Umbro etc…see the tags on the side to browse kits by their designers)

Premier League Ball- Nike Seitiro- 2011/2012

England Away Kit 2011/12- Blue Shirt.

England Away Goalkeeper Kit 2011/2012- St.George’s Flag inspired

Arsenal ( By Nike)

Arsenal 11/12 Home Kit ( 125th Anniversary)

Arsenal Home Goalkeeper Kit 11/12

New Arsenal Away Kit 11/12

Aston Villa ( By Nike)

Aston Villa Home Kit 11/12

Aston Villa Home Goalkeeper Kit 2011-2012 for Shay Given

Official Aston Villa Away Kit 11/12- Sponsored by Genting

Blackburn Rovers ( Umbro)

New Blackburn Rovers Home Kit 11/12

Blackburn Rovers Away Kit 2011-12

Bolton Wanderers ( By Reebok)

Bolton Home Kit 2011/2012

New Bolton Away Kit 11/12

Chelsea ( By Adidas)

Chelsea Home Kit 11/12

Official Chelsea Away Kit 2011/12

Chelsea Third Kit 11-12

Leaked Chelsea Away Kit 11/12

Everton ( By Le Coq Sportif)

Official Everton Home Kit 11/12 (

Everton Away Strip 11/12

Everton Away Goalkeeper Shirt 11/12

Everton Home Goalkeeper Kit Green Camouflage

Everton Third Kit 2011/12

Fulham ( By Kappa)

New Fulham Home Shirt 2011/12

Fulham Away Shirt 11/12

Fulham Away GK Shirt 2011/12

Fulham Third Kit 2011/12

Liverpool FC ( By Adidas)

Liverpool Away Kit 11/12

Adidas Liverpool Third Kit 11/12

( No home kit for Liverpool as the current home kit is for a period of two years i.e 2010-2012)

Man City ( By Umbro)

Man City Away Kit 11/12

Man City Away GK Shirt 11/12

Man City Home Kit 11/12 and MCFC Home Goalkeeper Strip 2011/2012

Manchester United ( By Nike)

Manchester United 11/12 Home Strip

Manchester United Home Goalkeeper Shirt 2011/2012

Blue Manchester United Away Kit 2011/2012

Newcastle United ( By Puma)

Newcastle Home Kit 2011/12

Newcastle United Home Goalkeeper Shirt 2011/12

Newcastle United Third Strip 11/12

Leaked Orange Newcastle Away Kit 11-12

Norwich City ( Errea)

Norwich City Premier League Home Kit 11-12

New Norwich City Away Kit 11-12

Queens Park Rangers ( Lotto)

New Queens Park Rangers Home & Away Kits 11/12

New Queens Park Rangers Third Kit 2011 2012

Stoke City ( Adidas)

Stoke Home Shirt 11/12

Stoke Goalkeeper Top 2011/12

Stoke City Away Kit 11-12

Sunderland AFC ( By Umbro)

Sunderland Home Kit 11-12

Sunderland Goalkeeper Kit 11/12

Blue Sunderland Away Kit 11/12

Swansea City ( By Adidas)

New Swansea City Home Kit 2011/2012

Orange Swansea Away Kit 11-12

Tottenham Hotspur ( By Puma)

Official Spurs Home Kit 11/12 ( Sponsored by Aurasma)

Tottenham purple away kit 2011/12

Black Tottenham 3rd Shirt 11/12

Possible Tottenham Home Shirt 2011/2012 Leaked

West Bromwich Albion ( By Adidas)

Adidas New West Brom Home Kit 11/12 ( Sponsored by Bodog)

New West Bromwich Albion Away Shirt 2011/2012

West Bromwich Albion Third Kit 2011/12

Wigan Athletic ( MIFIT)

New Wigan Athletic Home Kit 11/12

Wigan Athletic Away Kit 11/12 and Wigan Third Strip 2011/12

Wolverhampton Wanderers ( By Burrda)

Wolverhampton 11/12 Home Kit

20 thoughts on “New Premier League Kits 11-12 ( 2011/2012 Shirts)

  1. hanna

    Can anyone let me know when the new Norwich City strip has been released? Or the release date of it? Reply to this comment please?

  2. Football Kit News Post author

    Hanna, Norwich are yet to release a new 11/12 kit.

    Unofficial rumours say that Wednesday ( June eighth) might be the date of unveiling, but not too sure.

    If it has been released, it will be updated on this site the same day.

  3. Football Kit News Post author

    No official information regarding the release of the Saddlers 11/12 kit yet, but rumours say it will go on sale in July.

  4. Football Kit News Post author

    No news yet. The only known fact is that Gulfair will not sponsoring the kits this season.

  5. Football Kit News Post author

    They will certainly be bringing out a new kit, but the date of release hasn’t been announced yet.

  6. Jimmy

    Will Wigan Athletic have a third shirt this season?
    Can u publish photos of Wigan’s pre season friendly’s, might be able to have a sneak peak of their new shirt

  7. Football Kit News Post author

    Their last home kit was from 2008-10 too.

    The home kit is released once every two years

  8. louis

    i love man utd everything about them kits how they play and i can not beleive they won the bacarles and west ham lost

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