Upcoming Kit Releases

When is “insert your club’s name here”‘s kits for the new season being unveiled? This is a question whose answer most football fans wish to know ahead of the new season.

This upcoming kit releases page aims to do just that. Whenever a club announces an official kit release date, we’ll post it here. Contributions from readers are most welcome if you don’t see a particular club’s official kit release date here. Older kit releases will get deleted after they happen.

Please post your observations in the comments section and a link to a club website/ local newspaper/club facebook/twitter page supporting the date if you wish to submit a club’s kit unveiling date.

Upcoming kit & Football shirt releases:- ( 17/18 season- 2017/18 season)

New Arsenal Third Kit– July 12, 2017
New Sydney FC Kit 2017/18– July 12, 2017
New Leicester City Away Jersey 17/18– July 12, 2017
New Rangers Strip 17/18– Home kit to remain same, change kit to be unveiled
New Crawley Town Errea Kit 17/18– July 15, 2017
New Northampton Town Kit 2017/18– July 23, 2017
New Pompey Away and Third Kits 17/18– Late July and early August 2017

New PSG Away Jersey 2017/2018– June 29, 2017
New Bayern Munich Away Jersey 2017/18– 29th midnight/30 June, 2017
New Coventry City Kit 2017/18– June 30, 2017 (Thanks Ludwig)
New Aston Villa Shirt 2017/18– July 1, 2017
New NCFC Kit 17/18– Will go on sale from July 1 (new partner in LeoVegas)
New Tottenham & Chelsea Nike Shirts 2017/18– Likely to be July 1, 2017
New USA Gold Cup Shirt 2017/18– Likely to be July 1, 2017
New Fleetwood Town Kit 2017/18– June 26, 2017
New Wolves Puma Jersey 2017-18– 16 June, 2016
New Hearts Umbro Top 2017/2018– 16 June, 2017
New Accrington Stanley Shirt 17/18– June 16, 2017
New Stevenage Macron Shirt 2017/2018– June 16, 2017
New Coleraine FC CX Sport Jersey 2017-18– June 16, 2017
New Cardiff City Jersey 17/18– On sale June 17, 2017
New Brentford Kits 2017/18– June 19, 2017
New AFCB Umbro Shirt 2017/18– Will be revealed in June 2017
New West Ham United Home Shirt 2017-18– Likely to be June 21, 2017
New Arsenal Jersey 17/18– Likely to be June 21, 2017
New Barnet FC Shirt 2017/18– June 22, 2017
New PSV Shirt 17/18– 13 June, 2017
New Real Madrid Kits 17/18– Likely to be June 14, 2017
New Burnley FC Puma Home Jersey 2017/18– June 14, 2017
New Grimsby Town Home Shirt 17/18– June 14, 2017
New Blackburn Rovers Jersey 2017/2018– Likely to be around June 14-16, 2017
New Northampton Town Away Kit 2017/18– June 14, 2017
New Hibs Macron Top 17/18– Likely to be June 14, 2017
New Celtic Away Strip 17/18– June 12, 2017
New Barnsley Shirt 2017/18– June 12, 2017
New Bradford City Avec Home Shirt 2017/18– June 7, 2017
New Walsall Errea Top 2017/2018– Likely to be June 7, 2017
New Yeovil Town Away Kit 17/18– June 8, 2017
New Birmingham City Away Shirt 2017/18– June 5, 2017
New Middlesbrough Strip 17/18 June 3, 2017
New Liverpool Away Kit 2017/18– June 2, 2017
New Cambridge United Shirt 17/18– June 2, 2017

899 thoughts on “Upcoming Kit Releases

  1. Ned Grimsey

    I’m pretty sure Chelsea are revealing their away kit on the 11th of July which it says in a sales poster, I’m not sure if it includes the third kit as well or not

  2. Jeff

    After messing around on Arsenal’s kit builder thing after trying to select away and third kits a pop-up showed saying that they would be available from 30th July (both individual pop-ups for away and third)

  3. Euan Rourke

    West Ham’s home kit will be released either on the 16/7 or 18/7.

    On the 16th there is a presentation where 500 fans will go watch the revealing of the shirt. But the online website says you can pre-order the kit now without seeing it and it will be deliverd on the 18th.

  4. Peter

    Been told it would be the 15th june when it expected to be released in Sports Direct

  5. Jack

    Does any one when Sheffield united release there kit for 2017 2017 home and away kit

  6. Mike N

    When is the new England home kit released,the dark blue away shirt was released recently and I’ve heard nothing about the home.I would be surprised if they are going to keep the last kit for more than 12 months!

  7. dav

    @Mike N

    No new England home kit this year. The dark blue was actually a third kit to go with the two existing ones.

    Expect new kits early next year in time for the World Cup.

  8. g

    AFCB tomorrow (21 June). That’s three PL teams releasing their home kits on the same day.

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