New Manchester United Away Kit 11-12 Blue

This is the new Manchester United away kit 11/12, to be worn by Man Utd in their away games during the 2011/2012 season. The new Man Utd away kit 11/12 has been manufactured by Nike and was officially unveiled by Manchester United on 15th July, 2011.

The look of Manchester United’s new away kit 11/12 was known months in advance due to leaked photos that were circulating the internet.

As you can see from the pictures below, the new Manchester United away top 11/12 is royal blue in colour with navy blue and black stripes.

The shorts accompanying the new Man Utd away top 2011/2012 are completely black in colour.

Wayne Rooney, Chicharito and Ferdinand are seen modelling the new blue Manchester United away strip 11/12 in this photo.

Also have a look at Man Utd’s 11/12 home strip.

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New Manchester United Away Kit 2012

Blue Manchester United Kit 11-12 Rooney

8 thoughts on “New Manchester United Away Kit 11-12 Blue

  1. Andy

    how do you saddos care about the stupid kit it’s not like it makes the team better
    Anyway I don’t buy the kits from retailers cos they cost 50p 2 make and sell them 4 £30

  2. Kris

    Yeah andy it may cost 50p to make but the £40 goes to the club. Your obvously not a real United Support. Proberly never actually been to a match, just sit at home watching it on t.v. IVE HAD EVERY UNITED KIT AND PAID FULL PRICE FOR THEM. Loving the new 11/12 away kit got all that kit aswel 🙂 COME ON UNITED !!!


    Some people are just faggots, aren’t they???? The jersey is different, but i think a team should stick to their colours of their emblem. The yellow liverpool third jersey is the best that they have ever created.

  4. imaad

    Eventhough I support Liverpool I think this kit is ace, if I were a Manchester United fan I would get it. I’ve got the all the Liverpool t-shirts for this and I’ve got the home and away kit so who cares what price at the end of the day it’s a football shirt

  5. Trololololololol

    Who didn’t win a trophy this season when they were expected to? So kits do somehow control a teams performance over a season as united had crap kits and done crap

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