Green New England Away Goalkeeper Shirt 2011-2012

This is the new England away goalkeeper shirt 2011/2012, to be worn by English stopper Joe Hart in England’s away games during the 2011/2012 season. The new England away goalkeeper kit 11/12 has been made by Umbro and was released in conjunction with the blue England away kit 2012.

The new English goalkeeper shirt 11/12 has been inspired by the St.George flag, which it contains in various shades of green, as can be seen in the photo of the strip below. It has been designed by Peter Saville.

The shirt, which will be accompanied by plain green shorts, contains the Umbro logo and the FA crest.

Here are some photos of the green England away GK shirt 11/12 ( 2011/2012) that Man City No.1 Joe Hart will be wearing under the sticks when England are on the road for their Euro 2012 qualifiers.

New England Goalkeeper Kit 2012

Green England Away Goalkeeper Kit 2011-2012

England Away Goalkeeper Kit Shorts

15 thoughts on “Green New England Away Goalkeeper Shirt 2011-2012

  1. KMFC

    Oh dear! Hart will look like a clown wearing this shirt !

    Umbro have made a mockery of the St.George flag !

  2. Vin CAFC

    Another offering from some art-school graduate with no idea of national pride or identity and the arrogance to attempt to “re-imagine” the latter. I agree with KMFC, this mocks our national flag.

  3. Collycoaster

    Its almost as bad as the ’96 keepers away jersey!
    Would not look out of place hung outside a pharmacists with all the green crosses!

  4. Legion Suarez

    i don’t mind the shirt as much as the colour!!! who picked this Sea Foam green??? Hideous!!!

  5. Michael Alvarez

    I love this jersey it’s tight i love green so that might be the case, all I know is I’m buying this jersey.

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