New Premier League Ball 11/12- Premiership Match Ball 2011-2012

This is the new Barclays’ Premier League ball 11/12, made for the 2011/2012 Premiership season by apparel giant Nike. Nike have called this ball the Nike Seitiro and it will be the official match ball for the Premier League in the forthcoming season. Nike, if you recollect, also produced the 10/11 Premier League match ball ( Nike T90).

Apart from being the official Premier League ball 11/12, the Nike Seitiro will also be used in the Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A. Obviously the designs on the Seitiro will differ according to the league in which it is being used. The photo given below is from the Premier League.

Here is the photo of the Premier League ball 11/12.

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Premier League Ball 11-12 Nike Seitiro

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  1. Football Kit News Post author

    The Premier League 11/12 ball is due to come out in mid July.

    It is already available to pre-order in several stores online

  2. tomthewolf

    Nice ball. to get one free follow this link waitbythewwfcnorthbankduringagameandimsureafewwillflyover_co_uk
    P.S i am a wolves fan so dont take this the wrong way guys

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