New Tottenham Kit 11-12 Home Aurasma Puma

This is the new Tottenham kit 11/12, officially unveiled by Tottenham Hotspur and kit partners Puma on June 20, 2011. The new Spurs home kit 11/12 has a new sponsor in the form of Aurasma, Autonomy Corp’s new augmented reality platform. This new Spurs home strip 2011/12 will be worn by Spurs and their star players like Luka Modric, Rafael Van der Vaart and Gareth Bale in their Premier League home games in the forthcoming 2011/2012 season.

The new Spurs home top 2011/12 is a simple creation that is white in colour. The Puma logo can be seen on the right of the shirt, with the Spurs club crest on the left. The Spurs shirt was leaked prior to the kit’s official release, but the leak on sale did not have a sponsor’s logo ( Spurs announced the Aurasma change just a day prior to the kit’s unveiling). The kit is completed by blue shorts and white socks

Fans wanting to buy the new Spurs top can place their pre-order now in time for the official release date of September 14, 2011.

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Luka Modric Tottenham Kit 11-12

New Tottenham Home Kit 11-12 Aurasma

Tottenham Hotspur Shorts 2011-12

Aurasma Tottenham Sponsor 2011-2012

8 thoughts on “New Tottenham Kit 11-12 Home Aurasma Puma

  1. CFC

    Very ugly kit imo from Puma & Spurs.

    No wonder Modders wants to leave and come to the Bridge !

  2. ChrisTHFC

    ^^ Shuttup you tossers, this kit is fu*king well smart and @CFC, you little nob Modric will never leave the lane to come to some scruffy crack head bridge.

  3. TSpurs

    K the homes jerseys are decent, I like that they are all white. But whats with the collar, it just looks etrocious. The away jerseys may be the ugliest jerseys of all time, [violet] are you kiddin me, who was in charge of making an etrocity like that? The 3rd jerseys are actually pretty nice and I would much rather prefer those over those hideous violet jerseys. Violet what an intimidating color[SARCASM].

  4. BrianTHFC

    Looks great except for that atrocious logo. Why would any company choose that font for their public image? It looks like something a 7-year-old would pick.

  5. kelzaspurs

    just wait to they bring out cup version of the home kit with investec on the front

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