New Chelsea Strip 11/12 Home Adidas

This is the new Chelsea home strip 11/12 that Adidas and the club officially unveiled on April 12, 2011.  The new Chelsea strip is a throwback to the club’s kits from the 1980’s and features the iconic Adidas stripes in blue for the first time.

The strip consists of predominantly blue shirts and shorts. Samsung continue to be the sponsors of the Chelsea home strip, which will be worn by the Blues in their last home game of the 11/12 season against Newcastle.

Here is a photo of Frank Lampard modelling the new Chelsea home strip.

Chelsea Home Strip 2011

7 thoughts on “New Chelsea Strip 11/12 Home Adidas

  1. Luke McCormack

    I’m not a Chelsea fan. This ain’t the best looking kit from them but it’s good they’ve got rid of the red stripes though.

  2. mahrukh

    pls can i get the arsenal seti love u and arsenal plssssss and remember stay strong as always love u bothplssssss can i get it i love football more than cricket but i love u plssssssssssssss peopleur team sucks not arsenal or chelsea plss can i get it

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