New Blue England Away Kit 2011-2012 Umbro

This is the new blue England away kit 2011/2012, made for the English national football team to wear in their away games during the 11/12 season. The new England away football kit 2011/2012 has been made by Umbro and was officially unveiled by Umbro on July 1, 2011.

The colour of the new England away strip 11/12 is blue in colour, a big deviation from the traditional red kits England have worn for away games. The new blue top will be worn for the first time by boxer David Haye in his fight against Wladimir Klitschko on July 2, 2011.

As you can see, the new England away football shirt 2011/12 is mostly navy blue in colour. However the collar is of a lighter shade of blue. The Umbro logo on the shirt is in white and it also contains the FA badge.

Also click to see Joe Hart’s new green England goalkeeper shirt 2011/2012.

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New Blue England Away Kit 2011-2012

David Haye England Kit 2011-12

21 thoughts on “New Blue England Away Kit 2011-2012 Umbro

  1. adam

    Umbro have made a football shirt now that’s so understated it doesn’t look like a proper shirt somehow, it looks like the sort of polo shirt they players wear before and after a match (when not in suits). It’s too minimalist, there’s no real distinguishing features. And why are they disguising the star above the badge? Should be gold. Quite like the contrasting blue colours though.

  2. KMFC

    Atleast it’s better than the away GK kit, which is hideous to say the least!

    I think some of the outfield players will look at what Hart’s wearing, and will be secretly thanking themselves for being outfitted in this kit.

  3. Vin CAFC

    Not an England away shirt. What is this mania Umbro have for messing around with our national colours? We are not Scotland, we do not play in dark blue! I refuse to buy any of the latest shirts (including the home one with the mockery of the English flag all over the shoulders) as long as these designers continue to ignore or attempt to change our identity. Such arrogance cannot be tolerated!

  4. Fanie


    It’s meant to be an away kit, so I guess Umbro could technically do anything.

    Or it might have something to do with the number of clubs nicknamed “Blues” in England lol :p

  5. Collycoaster

    Saw this on David Haye the other night and thought he had decided to wear a polo shirt instead of the away kit.
    It seems umbro have forgotten about the disaster of the infamous grey kit and gone for trend instead of tradition once again.
    If they desperately wanted to combine casual wear with the traditionalists then they should have designed a shirt similar to the extremely popular reversible one of 2004. It sold in masses and the short sleeved one sold out in most shops.( i live in lancashire and ended up with a friend in east anglia posting me one)
    The beauty of it was whilst in the pubs watching euro 2004 everybody wore the red side for the match. Then afterwards reversed it to hide the beer spills whilst going for a night out!!
    That shirt and the home shirt of 2005 were the last ones i bought as Umbro seem to be going more and more towards the fashionable fan than the real fans with their designs!

  6. Effinbrit

    If Haye got off to a losing start in this kit, what are the odds that England will do the same?

  7. 1234qwerty

    Ok, so the traditional England Away Kit that is Red has gone, yes I’m talking about the colour we won the World Cup with. Big Mistake blue, we aren’t Britain hense Union Jack with Red, White and Blue, we are England with the flag Red and White, I suppose the English logo does have blue lions on but really it just makes them stand out a little more from the red kit. Definatley won’t be buying it. Unless we are using this shirt as the Olympic strip it makes no sense to be blue, England are White for Home and Red for Away, that’s how everyone knows England so why change it, will probably make our luck worse! Whats next an Orange goalie shirt and a Pink *homo*home* shirt?

  8. mark Griffiths

    If you look back over the years England has had 6 shirts that have been blue (various shades) and in the home kit 16 home shirts that have had blue in (not including the badge)

    it’s not the best shirt in the world but it beats that awful grey one

  9. Antony Vaughn

    This shirt looks just like the Home shirt england wore in SA, only different colours. I think the problem with the recent England shirts is that Nike own Umbro, and they do a “one style fits all” approach.
    It reduces manufacturing costs as they dont have to change machines, fabric etc. This shirt is about as generic as you will ever see. When Umbro were designing the shirts, they were innovative, and very distinct. You can see the Nike influence in the last 4 shirts….crap!!

  10. Al

    FFS … get rid of Umbro.. they’ve run out of ideas, Red is our Away Colour always will be.. this looks like a training shirt .. rubbish ๐Ÿ™

  11. Pete F

    Rubbish the sooner Umbro go the better its nothing more than a poor polo shirt. Red away its that simple, after the poor home shirt nothing more than I expected.

  12. Chris

    not a bad strip I like it,besides we’re not winnin owt in the colours we’re in!blue not end of the world!

  13. paul

    apart from the infamous grey this has got to be the worst away strip ever time to move away from umbro if this is the best they can come up with!!!!

  14. Schaik

    Adidas made Best Kits ever more then Umbro

    Aaaadidas….Rock !!!
    Deutschlandddd…. !!!Tolllllll

    Poooooor Umbro ๐Ÿ˜›
    Poooor England ๐Ÿ˜›

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