New Juventus Away Kit 12-13- Nike Black Juventus Jersey 2012-2013

Click here for pics of the new Juventus home kit 12/13- unveiled 11 July, 2012

This is the new Juventus away jersey 2012/2013, Juve’s new away kit for the 12/13 season. The new Juve 2012/13 away strip has been made by Nike and was officially unveiled by the Bianconeri on 15 June, 2012. Juventus are the defending Italian champions, having won the 2011/12 edition of Serie A.

Juventus’ new away 2012/13 jersey is black in colour and features a new sponsor in the form of Jeep as per their three season kit deal struck earlier this year. In important info, the match day worn shirt will not contain the Scudetto stars, but will simply have 30 sul campo inscribed below the club badge.

The supporters version of this 12/13 Juve away jersey will however have the stars above the badge. Two will be present and fans can add the third while buying. The jersey sees a return to sober colours after the club opted for a pink away top last season.

Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo is here seen modelling Juve’s new away top for 2012/13.

Black Juventus Kit 2013

New Juventus Jersey 2013

41 thoughts on “New Juventus Away Kit 12-13- Nike Black Juventus Jersey 2012-2013

  1. Insight

    The design looks very similar to the French National team away jersey for the Euro 2012 with the exception of collar. Simple. Neat. Classy. Nice!

  2. Juve freak

    Hey Mr French, when was the last French team to win a champions??? And show me a nice French kit? Club and national

  3. Mr French

    Whenever i watch an Italian match, i see fewer and fewer fans in attendance… Now, watch a French match… Full of people!!! And just so you know, OM’s Adidas reversible kit is brilliant… Not to mention that the English Premiere League has selected a vast amount of players to come to England this coming season from the French League… Don’t get me wrong, i like the Italian league as well… I just think that this is an ugly kit and the Italian players are aging… Time for new blood in the Italian league…

  4. Gypped

    It looks exactly the same as the French kit only without the collar. I just wish the Jeep logo was in white font with no giant square behind.

    You clearly haven’t been watching Italian soccer, Mr. French, because the teams have all been revamped, and the national team is full of young blood. Just because French players’ balls haven’t dropped yet does not mean France’s youth is on top of the game.

  5. Mr French

    Hey gypped… Just because you say it, doesn’t make it so… I know what i see and i see an aging Serie A… Don’t hate on the French league with your stale comments… Real FOOTBALL fans know that players from all over the world play in many European leagues… So to make a statement about French players only, shows that you get your feelings hurt fairly easy… Which in this case tells me that you must be a woman… Well calm down little lady, it’s FOOTBALL talk… You go play soccer…

  6. ohme

    @Mr French
    mr french, i respect the french league and your national team. really.
    but juventus this year have played a beautiful football, one of the best in europe..
    38 match 0 loose.
    and the juventus stadium for the all season was sold out.. i agree on italian football, but juventus excluded. in the next year you’ll can see that on CL.
    Marchisio, Vidal, Caceres, Bonucci, k.asamoah, isla and Giovinco are all under 25 and talented player.

  7. K. Arslan

    Extraordinary…I love black and tight kits..I hope adidas will ake cool kits for Besiktas this year,last years have been so sucky..

  8. Carl H

    Kit is simple, yet smart.
    Agree the Jeep logo would look better in white rather than having the block on the shirt, otherwise I like it.

    Mr French :
    Ugly kit… Who’s grandfather is that in the picture???

    He may be aging, but Pirlo holds midfield and plays like a BOSS!
    If you can name me a better holding midfielder in his age bracket, I’ll be impressed.

    Pirlo will still be playing when my grandchildren get married!

  9. Mr French

    Quit stalking me Carl… You must be a fan of me… Stalking is against the law in America… Creepy…

  10. Carl H

    I’m “stalking you” because I enjoy being a keyboard warrior (obviously) and love a bit of banter.
    Even if your half of the bargain is narrow-minded and elitist 😀

  11. indo kent

    What we expect from a football player is their performance on d pitch. Don’t hate d league just because there’s no much of young boys for u to see. As long as they perform well in pitch,age doesn’t matter. I’m not inter fan. But,I can say that J Zanetti is an example of durability. He’s old but he plays well.
    We watch n enjoy d game or their performance, not their pretty young face. Oops.
    Although juve now have many young players, it’s not their young faces that we look for. It’s d way they play football.

  12. Dzulfadli Afiq

    I like this design but what i do not like this design is the font of’s make this kit look terrible.

  13. JBVI

    There is new blood in the italian league. If you do not like the club the kit or the players why comment? And shame on you Pirlo is one of the best in the world. Oh well I guess those that have never witnessed greatness can’t recognize it.

    On another note this is a poor attempt from nike. I really hope the home is improvement. Did the designers really think “jeep” would look better in a white box? what a shame. We deserve better

  14. aj juve fan

    im a juve fan this kit is nice not as nice as last seasons pink away but its gud never the stars in bottom pic cuz off 2 stripped titles due to the match fixing scandal the president of juve instead opted for 30 sul campo which means 30 won on the pitch

  15. HMoon

    Mr. French is such a punk. Guess that goes to show what happens when you hide behind a keyboard all the time.

  16. Reiessa

    hey @Mr French, just look at your French national football team. they’re fighting each other even in they’re own teammates… thats what you call a team? i would said that was a pack of mercenaries… haha! and by the way, for champions league, never heard of France team gets noticed these days… why? cause theyre sucks… HA!

  17. eMKay



  18. eMKay


  19. dave

    Regarding the ‘Jeep’ logo. Perhaps Juve had no option but to put it how it is? I wouldnt be surprised if Jeep requested it be like that. It stands out more than what it would in just white writing, which is what Jeep would want as a sponsor! (although white writing would look better)

  20. Azzurri

    @Mr French what’s the point of having a lot of young talents but never really make it to the top?..yes andrea pirlo is old but the only player that France can really be proud of is zidane. what happened to your young talents?.did they really made it?. have you heard of lorenzo isigne?.mattia destro?.fabio borini and might as well marco verratti?

  21. Giorgia

    @Mr French
    Still remember annihilating France in 2006…….
    Nice memories!!!!
    This Grandpa runs circles around most soccer players today.
    an best of all he has an italian surname not arabic behind his jersey..
    Love and peace

  22. Alessandro Del Piero

    I wish i could wear these kits on the pitch! Have to wear those ugly Sidney kits now
    (no offense to Sidney FC or Adidas i just don’t like the colors)
    The sponsor adds a bit of extra texture to the darkness,not sure why people dislike that bit
    Last but not least i wanna say;don’t worry loyal Juve fans the three stars will be re-added in the near future 🙂
    Froza Juve!

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