New West Brom Kit 12-13- Adidas West Bromwich Albion Home Shirt 2012-2013

This is the new WBA kit 12/13, English Premier League outfit West Bromwich Albion’s new home shirt for the 2012/13 season. Albion’s new 2012/13 kit has been made by Adidas and was officially unveiled to the public on June 15, 2012.

West Brom’s new 2012/2013 home kit sees a change in sponsor as Zoopla have been roped in. The Adidas stripes on this Albion jersey have changed from blue to white, with the other significant change from the 11/12 shirt coming in the collar.

Zoopla West Brom Kit 12-13

New West Brom Kit 2013

New West Bromwich Albion Kit 2013

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25 thoughts on “New West Brom Kit 12-13- Adidas West Bromwich Albion Home Shirt 2012-2013

  1. josh


    Probably cos zoopla wanted it so?

    all the zoopla logos on the net feature white text against a purple background.

    a band on the shirt wouldve looked untidy so the text in purple?

  2. brookesy

    Nice kit,I always but a top if I like it and I will be buying this one,I tend to go for away tops but this one has something about it,as for the zoopla logo well if it was in blue it would be hard to see,it don’t look that bad,could of been worse it could have been a big orange house,lol,no honestly I think it’s a winner,looks better than old gold.

  3. Mr French

    Nice kit… At least they’ll look good while getting their asses handed to them by the champions of Europe, Chelsea…

  4. ant man

    im a chelsea fan but think this kit is the best so far iv seen i hope they stay up as they allways try hard when we play them .

  5. Mr French

    Every dog has their day Roy boy… Chelsea weren’t functioning well under AVB… They were plagued with injuries at the start of the season and STILL managed to pull out a double… And one of those titles just so happens to be the CHAMPIONS of Europe… It’s the players who turned their season around, not the manager… To say it was the manager is sheer lunacy because that suggest that these champions didn’t know what they were doing until RD arrived… When a team and a manager doesn’t gell, the team shuts down and doesn’t function… Chelsea just simply got on well with RD… so stuff that in your tea cozy Mr Bean…

  6. Richie

    @Mr French

    Are you saying someone like Giggs could step straight into the Man Utd manager position and carry on just as successfully as Fergie has? I don’t think so mate! Chelsea are NOT a defensive team by nature, RDM told the players to be defensive against Barcelona and Bayern and for that reason I don’t think they deserve the label of Champions of Europe, champions win games, not get lucky with 1 shot a game!

  7. Mr French

    Doesn’t matter what you think… Chelsea ARE the champions of Europe… They pulled off a double!!! They were already a fantastic team with or without AVB or RD… AVB tried to run the team in the ground… The players recognized this and shut down on him… RD allowed them to be the champions that they are and guess what??? They became the CHAMPIONS of Europe… Whether you think they deserve it or not… When’s the last time West Brom won anything???

  8. rod

    for gods sake u pair leave it out….. we get it chelsea are better than west brom… does that make you feel better???!!!….cos i couldnt give a monkeys!!! i love the kit, and im hoping and praying for an iconic green and yellow away kit and i think it would be nice to have a crazy 3rd kit kile the french clubs get!!! we did it in the 90’s i remember the yellow and red wiggley kit we had in 92/93 and the blue and white ‘brush stroke kit’ in 91/92

  9. WBAfoster

    @Mr French
    Shut your mouth you absolute mug! THE MIGHTY CHELSEAAA, got beat 1-0 by West Brom last season so f*** off!

  10. pfcsteve

    if anyone is interested i’m doing a sky sports fantasy league(it’s free to play just register with sky sports fantasy football) the league is called serie z and the pin is 8000385. all welcome except that c#nt mr french

  11. Gaspar Cetuné

    HI, I looking for the West Bromwich Albion shirt. Do you have it?

    Could you help me?
    Best Regards


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