New Wolves Kit 12-13- Burrda Wolverhampton Wanderers Home Shirt 2012-2013

This is the new Wolves kit 12/13, Wolverhampton Wanderers’ new home shirt for the 2012/2013 Championship season. Wolves were relegated from the Premier League at the end of the 11/12 season and will have a new manager this season in the form of Stale Solbakken. Wolves’ new 12/13 strip was officially due to be revealed on July 2, but the club decided to advance the launch and showed it off on June 15, 2012. The new top has been made by Burrda.

This new Wolverhampton home jersey sees Burrda go for a two toned gold body featuring both a collar and a button. The goalkeeper shirt is green in colour.

Sporting Bet are again the principal sponsors of this new Wolves shirt for 2012/2013, as can be seen in the pictures below.

Wolves Crest

New Wolves Shirt 12-13

New Wolves Home Kit 2013

Wolves Home Jersey Back

Wolverhampton Wanderers Socks 2013

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32 thoughts on “New Wolves Kit 12-13- Burrda Wolverhampton Wanderers Home Shirt 2012-2013

  1. reza

    wonderful wolves new kit!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you wolves… i love moliniux stadium… … next sesason go up… go to perimer league

  2. Anthony - AVFC

    Nice kit, I think wolves fans will be happy with that, I like it, only drawback is the stick on badge, sure Wolves fans would have prefered a stitched ‘Wolf’

  3. Unspecified fish

    It will not tone well with the elasticated beige slacks that I like to wear on my infrequent trips to Molineux

  4. Mr French

    Totally unprofessional looking… A lot like your s#*t club… We’ll miss beating up on you in the Prems…

  5. jkc1877

    well at least wearing this gold top people will not think/know we are interbred like those t i t s walking round in blue and white stripes. And i seem to remember the sandwell town red and yellow stripes and green and yellow striped away shirts in the mid 90’s, looked like a beach tent and a bag of cheap cheese and onion crisps, even worse the sloths went out and brought it. Just shows they’ve got no taste or style,class,charisma or the basic intelligence to remember such vile kits

  6. boinger

    perfect for the gormless tit about town. impress everyone with that sack of kak loser style shirt that just screams ‘DOPEY DINGLE’!!! in classic fools gold for the ameba brained interbred dickhead everywhere. wear it with ‘pride’ – in these harsh economic times we need all the laughs we can get…

  7. gooner boy1981

    Wolverhampton – crappy place, crappy club, crappy team, crappy shirt. basically their crap. glad they went down.

  8. Wolfie

    gooner boy1981 :Wolverhampton – crappy place, crappy club, crappy team, crappy shirt. basically their crap. glad they went down.

    Please, if all you can do is insult WWFC, at least do it properly and learn some basics of English grammar – “their” should be “they’re” or “they are”. Just proves what a bunch of sad numpties you are. Comment on your own club and leave ours alone.

  9. :PPP

    lool the kit doesn’t matter its about the quality of football they produce not the quality of the kit they wear, they could play in knitted sainsbury bags and still be a good football team! Hopefully we do better next season and Stale Solbakkken will lead us back into the Premier league you can count on that.

  10. gooner boy 1981

    i was probably bored and on my second glass of jack+coke if it makes you feel any better, but i have been there(ex girlfreind at your ‘uni’), might be better now, all i remember is a building site……your team though!!! @Wolfie

  11. ashley johnson

    hmmm nice but not amazing. i feel they could have done a lot more though. i think i should design the next strip lol but ill still buy it tho. i like the collar preety smart.

  12. ashley johnson

    Oh and as for the baggies shirt hmmm very boring theres hundreds of teams with a strip exactly the same..nothing original. Baggies will be in chamionship next season you watch!

  13. gooner boy 1981

    welcome back Miss Frogsh#t, or ‘Heskgay’ as you’re now posting under. hope you’re keeping well and your clients use plenty of lube…..

  14. Yoyo

    Guys stop arguing!!! But I will have the final say on this matter, I am an Arsenal fan but I have relatives who live in Wolverhampton so HOW DARE YOU INSULT WOLVERHAMPTON, I’m backing them to go straight back up!!!!!!

  15. Mosher7

    I believe we’re here to discuss the shirt…which looks like a cheap market knock off with a few iron on transfers…socks are alright though…

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