Leaked New Manchester United Kits 12-13 Home Away Shirts 2012-2013 Tartan

Click here for official pictures of the new Man Utd home shirt 2012/2013- revealed May 11, 2012

These leaked photos of the new Manchester United home kit 12/13 and away shirt 2012/13 are going viral around the internet. Obviously these photos may or may not be the real deal, but the new United kits 12-13 are said to have a tartan design that pays tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson’s long stay at the club. Other reports suggest that the kits are inspired from Gingham, the fabric which originated from the mills of Manchester.

According to the leaked photos of the new Manchester United kits for 2012-2013, the current home and away colours will be retained for next season, as can be seen in the photos below.

Whether this will be the real deal or not will probably be known around six months later when United officially reveal their 12/13 strips.

Leaked Man Utd Kit 2013

Gingham Man United Leaked

Manchester United Gingham 2013 Top

Man Utd New Jersey 2012-13

leaked man utd away

New Leaked Manchester United Kit 12 13

Leaked Manchester United Jersey 2012 2013 Tartan Away

104 thoughts on “Leaked New Manchester United Kits 12-13 Home Away Shirts 2012-2013 Tartan

  1. lee

    Well if this really is the kit then i wont be buying it for myself or my kids. as for celebrating saf they named a stand after him as if hes going to give a toss about a kit thats going to be worn for a season. lets just pray that these are fake because if they arent i would hate to see the designs united rejected. adidas have been making better looking kits for years, and as for umbro… well nike own them as far as im aware, which is probably why they are also producing crap kits

  2. Mayo67

    Home kit shocking!!! Red socks – next we’ll be wearing red shorts and looking like scousers!!

    Muck about with the away kit all you like – we started that trend in the 90s with our blue adidas kit.

  3. Brad

    I am not a Man U fan, but they always have nice looking kits. I love this home kit. I don’t mind the away kit, but I’d rather see United use blue as their 3rd choice. One thing I’d change about this home kit is the red socks. United always use more black than this. Then again maybe they’ll have an option for white/red or black/red shorts with red/black or black/red socks.

  4. Deano

    I’m an arsenal fan and I think the away kit looks good because the black and blue go well together but as for the home kit, they’ve nearly had the same kit the past two seasons with very little modifications, but if they made that away kit for an arsenal team, I would definitely buy it.

  5. Gordon

    The comment about cotton workers wearing gingham is nonsense. Cotton workers wore hard wearing materials they could find – there was no set clothing, so to argue that horrible check pays homage to the traditions of the city is just not true. The kit is simply awful and I can see it, if introduced, going the same way as certain previous kits were – basically being boycotted by the fans. Certainly this Manc wouldn’t be seen dead wearing that monstrosity.

  6. Casper

    There shocking united haven’t had a decent strip in years home or away….think they should ditch Nike and go back to Adidas they make awesome kits

  7. person

    The home kit is actually ok apart from there should be more black on the socks, the away kit is good because it follows the home kit pattern but i prefer white as an away kit colour. If they introduce a kit with four leaf clovers on then it will be a disaster. If the kit has been designed to represent the cotton workers then I suppose that can’t be bad but if it is in honour of saf then they would be better naming a stand after him 😛

  8. Jordan

    wow you lot are all so weird, you dont go to a game to see a kit do you ?, no you go to watch the team you love play football. so you people saying that you wont watch them no more or wear the kits are just dumb. if you really love your team then you would be proud to watch them and wear their kits no matter what.

  9. michael

    looks terrible on the hangers and on that dummy but I think it’ll look great when they actually wear. Not so keen on red socks though.

  10. rasiga

    yea. because man utd can play and win even when they’re sleeping. this jersey is a tease to other teams they play against. it’s like, “winning while sleeping”. and they really win. hahahahaha.

  11. Hmfc1902

    Tribute to SAF, what a load of shite. Its not even tartan, f united will look like pickies on and off the pitch.

  12. Geovani

    You can tell this is fake because of the cleats on the feet of the manikin. Those cleats are from 2009-2010. Thank god these are not real.

  13. Paulwall

    I don’t like this new Man U kit at all. Both home and away kits look like used car seats I am not impressed at all 🙁

  14. Harry Roberts

    Can they beat the 6 strips in one season, just in case they get a little short of cash?

  15. Callum

    Almost definitely fake. The fake kits are always on google images months prior to the release and when have you ever seen a Utd kit image before its released… also nike are always more imaginative than to use the same design for home and away, has been for years!

  16. Jake

    Oh god if we walk out onto the pitch with those on we’ll be a laughing stock!

    Leon :
    these kits are so shit i could wipe my ass with them

    Too right and im a united fan!

    Glory glory man utd glory glory man utd glory glory man utd THOSE NEW KITS SHOULD BE GONE!

  17. Tenine

    but if u look at the 1st pic, the original 1st pic it have arsenal and barcelona new jersey. Try look for other web to find the original picture. And today if u look at the arsenal website, the jersey is not fake coz it is the same jersey for season 12/13. Probably this rumours jersey is not fake… i’m utd fan and so sad if this Utd jersey is real…

  18. Man U r Shit


    Released with the Arsenal and Barcelona home kits mate, this is real ha Man U’s nickname next season will be “The Dinner Ladies” XD

  19. Rob7

    Time to divorce Nike, their ideas for United kits the last four years have been nothing but abysmal, this is so bad, if not worse than some of the shite Umbro churned out, Adidas-we need you badly!

  20. ben

    this kit is vile, adidas is so much better nikes borinG and plain season after season !!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Rickoo

    The away kit should be white…. We’re going to have a blue away and a blue alternative? No. The Blue away cannot be true, must be fake as. And as for red socks, Nike, are you taking the piss? We’re not Red, White, Red… We’re Red, White and Black… F Nike and swap to Adidas.

  22. @3vild33ds

    an arsenal fan here. this kit sucks, looks like a towel i wouldnt even use to wipe my ass

  23. Ricardo Smith

    I am a die hearted Man Utd fan all the way in Jamaica and these kits look like my granda in her rocking chair knitting away. NewCastle away kit is hard!!!!!!!

  24. kybet

    from the tiny shorts of 80s to funne-lyk shorts of 90s to tighter shorts 00s.alyk ths, its tym to move to cotton.

  25. Mr French

    Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that that’s a dummy wearing that awful kit??? I thought it was Wayne Rooney… Oh well… The definition of insane is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result… Every year Manchester United allow Nike to outfit it’s players in hideous kits… Nike has no business in football… Demand the best… Demand ADIDAS!!!

  26. LFC Gilperon

    That looks like a lumberjack’s uniform. I mean I know Man U are shit at footbal

  27. LFC Gilperon

    That looks like a lumberjack’s uniform. I mean I know Man U are shit at football but kit design as well?

  28. Cobs1976

    Looks more like a new spider man costume than a premiership jersey, but if we win a treble again with it who cares what it looks like

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