Leaked New Manchester United Kits 12-13 Home Away Shirts 2012-2013 Tartan

Click here for official pictures of the new Man Utd home shirt 2012/2013- revealed May 11, 2012

These leaked photos of the new Manchester United home kit 12/13 and away shirt 2012/13 are going viral around the internet. Obviously these photos may or may not be the real deal, but the new United kits 12-13 are said to have a tartan design that pays tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson’s long stay at the club. Other reports suggest that the kits are inspired from Gingham, the fabric which originated from the mills of Manchester.

According to the leaked photos of the new Manchester United kits for 2012-2013, the current home and away colours will be retained for next season, as can be seen in the photos below.

Whether this will be the real deal or not will probably be known around six months later when United officially reveal their 12/13 strips.

Leaked Man Utd Kit 2013

Gingham Man United Leaked

Manchester United Gingham 2013 Top

Man Utd New Jersey 2012-13

leaked man utd away

New Leaked Manchester United Kit 12 13

Leaked Manchester United Jersey 2012 2013 Tartan Away

104 thoughts on “Leaked New Manchester United Kits 12-13 Home Away Shirts 2012-2013 Tartan

  1. what the f#ck

    What the f#ck man. We need to get new kit sponsors. Why must we be subjected to the trash Nike designs each season. Americans don’t know shit about soccer kit designs. Looks like…. F*ck I’m lost for words.

  2. Oh Jebus

    Only an American design team could put an English club in a kit that looks as Scottish as this.

    Absolutely no idea about the history, rivalries and basic fundamental traditions of British football.

    Having said that, Manchester United are massive in Malaysia and South Africa and China, and there nobody at all will understand or even care.

    This kit is indescribably awful. It is disgusting. It is so depressing.

  3. Jonkho

    i’m half chinese half malaysian. Just cause i’m Asian doesn’t mean i don’t know a hideous kit when i see one. this is hilarious..cause i’m a Liverpool fan.

  4. Ronnie

    I don’t know, I think United should be listening to the man on the street. The kids and chaps in Manchester are ravin bout this one because no one else has a kit the same, not even the Scots. One guy in the know reckons the designs for the next six kits are already there and will just be tweaked each time and one of them is similar to this but with four leaf clovers instead of the squares, but that one also has a collar. Another one sees the return of the V on the front, but this time it will be thinner and that will not see the light of day for several years.

    The club are also working on the lightest fabric ever made and will be disposable to the players after one wear like the running shoes are to the sprinters. There will be a thicker version available to the public. I say we are in the right direction.

  5. Idiot Manks

    Contrary to popular belief, Americans are not the sole providers for the ideas of football kits. As an employee for a popular shirt company, we get ‘musts’ from the contractor (mainly football assosiation teams) and then we have designers that do research and ideas get thrown around. When it comes down to it, Manchester United have the last say in what thier team wears for the year. So don’t blame the Americans, and do a little research before you thrown the blame on someone.
    Another reason United fans are all pricks

  6. david

    Dude!! I’m a Barça fan!! And you have to agree that Nike does make some ugly a$$ kits for Barça. Exept for the 10-11 Home jersey, 08-09 home and away and 11-12 away. Those are my favs!! “)@HAHA U DONTKNOME

  7. Macca

    Ha ha! That’s this year’s almost Villa’s check template. No wonder Villa have given Nike the heave-ho. They’ve run out of ideas. Rubbish kits.

  8. Ash tha Yank

    Hey I’m all about shoving as much love and respect to SAF as we can. I don’t care if they get sent out on the pitch in kilts as long as it’s to show SAF some love while he’s still there cause God help us when he goes.

  9. shake that ass

    that have to be the worst united kit in history!! Who the hell wants to buy something that ugly… they will loose money on this, and we will loose the opportunity to whear a nice united shirt…

  10. lucky

    being a MAN U, it sometimes gets quiet annoying when u r having 2 see ur team bust up wid crap shirts on every year, its unbelieveable, its about time we had a new sponsor deal cause i am getting quiet sick of seeing nike produce awful designs 4 a team who have a long history of success.
    its about time ADIDAS took over and showed there class in a MAN U shirt wot do u say

    PLEASE, bring some style and change 2 these kits as i can nt wait any longer

    ADIDAS all the way 4 me

  11. mana mastu

    what the f**k is this man….
    can’t beleave this, is this a jersey for such a club,,
    Damn it……

  12. Johnboy

    Could be worse…..remember that Liverpool one from the 90s that looked like it had pigeon shit all over it?

  13. Jesse

    Everyone shits on new kits before we even see them in action; how about we wait and see whether or not it looks good on players on the pitch before we make such negative statements? With leaked pictures, there’s no way for sure to tell how good it’s gonna look in real life.

    I for one think it could look great; there were a few United home kits in the nineties that flirted with checkered designs, and I love it when modern kits have an old-school feel about them (ie the current United home kit with the simple design and traditional collar).

    And if Manchester United win the league, whatever kit they happen to have that season is always remembered with fondness anyway right. United for life.

  14. Human

    …no, it isn’t “remembered fondly” if you’re not a Manchester United fan. It’ll be remembered as “that disgusting kit they wore when they won the league in 2013.”

    Look, you’re entitled to your opinion, and I don’t want to say “you’re wrong”, because it’s subjective.

    But to me, Manchester United playing in tartan or gingham is wrong for more reasons than I can say. It’s like Nike raping the tradition of one of the world’s great clubs for profit.

    The kit’s awful. Awful.

  15. Anon Anon

    The gingham check is based on the shirts worn by cotton industry workers in Manchester – the industry which was the backbone of the city. This couldn’t be more attentive to the history of the club, so those that think it’s designed by Americans or in honour of SAF are very wrong indeed. Any real fan of MUFC – or at least one of the few that are actually from Manchester – would understand so.

  16. Cody

    As an American I’m ashamed of the way the US is making these kits. It should be made by the country in which the team is formed. I have been a die hard Man Utd fan for years now, even have a tattoo of seal on my back. I wish Nike would stop making the kits and give it to a company who understands. Umbro perhaps?

  17. Human

    Anon Anon, I’m from Warrington, and all my family are from Lancashire.

    And if you’re trying to tell me that I should automatically just… somehow ‘know’ that cotton workers used to wear gingham, or that anyone over 170 years old should know that cotton workers used to wear gingham shirts… you are about as wrong as it gets.

    I’m assuming you actually work for Nike, by the way. Because ONLY people who work for Nike would know that. And if you do work for Nike, as I suspect, please permit me to tell you that this shirt is phenomenally disgusting, and if you were “truly attentive to the history of the club” you’d know that Manchester have played in RED, and not GINGHAM, since between the World Wars.

  18. Eddison

    The tartan(the dark lines) print is most probably a mark of honor to celebrate Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25 years as manager of Manchester United. Btw, Sir Alex Ferguson is Scottish.. I thinks the red one looked good while the blue one should be in trash

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