New South Africa Rugby Sevens Jersey 2012 Blitzbokke Kit

This South Africa rugby sevens rugby jersey is certainly one of the more controversial kits to come out this season. Designed by Canterbury, the new Blitzbokke 11/12 kit will be worn by the South African rugby union sevens team in the HSBC sevens World Series.

Unfortunately for the Blitzbokke, this Sevens jersey looks like the players are wearing their underpants over the shorts. No we’re not kidding, the picture of the new Blitzbokke jersey tells it all.

The new Bliztbokke strip will debut in Gold Coast, Australia soon. ABSA are the sponsors of this sevens rugby shirt.

New Blitzbokke Jersey 2012

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13 thoughts on “New South Africa Rugby Sevens Jersey 2012 Blitzbokke Kit

  1. alexander

    They can have all the support in the world but the designer of this kit much be fired or his contract must be cancelled because we look like clowns with this kit! The shorts looks like underware over their shorts and the jersey way to busy! Atleast it will distract their opponents they playing against! Go blitzbokke!!!!!

  2. Niets

    Jerseys are awesome but the pants – hell no!!!!!!! You guys are gonna confuse my kids with Superman!!! Plain shorts of a dark green colour would look awesome!

  3. Rugby Gear Southern Sharks

    They seem to come out with some way out designs for 7s. Thats just about every team there. I wonder how cheap they are. We get our from Hong Kong, and I see the USA Team get there from NZ as well like SA. Funny how things work, as the ABs get theirs from Adidas.

  4. Wayvon

    How can a kit be gay– what a stupid thing to say, people are gay— kits are just kits and this one happens to be unattractive– thats all you can say about it really

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