New Arsenal Kit 2016/17- Arsenal Home Shirt 16-17 Puma

This is the new Arsenal kit 2016/17, Arsenal’s home strip for the 2016/2017 Premier League season. Made by Puma, the new Gunners jersey was officially unveiled on May 23, 2016. The release, earlier than normal by Arsenal standards, was perhaps necessitated after leaked photos of Granit Xhaka in the new kit taken by his partner went viral on the internet

Despite a relatively poor season, Arsenal managed to finish second in the Premier League behind champions Leicester- ahead of their bitter rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

The predominantly red shirt sees a distinctive vertical stripe down the front, with a gothic “A” on the back of the jersey. White shorts and red socks complete the look of the new Arsenal strip.

The new uniform will be first worn by the Arsenal ladies team in a friendly later this week against Seattle Reign.

New Arsenal Kit 2016 17

Arsenal Home Kit 16 17

Sanchez Shirt Back

Arsenal Goalkeeper Shirt 16 17

16 thoughts on “New Arsenal Kit 2016/17- Arsenal Home Shirt 16-17 Puma

  1. Jonny

    Looks brilliant! Has a really nice retro look to it in my opinion. I really like this. The only thing bad I would say is that it doesn’t need the stripe down the shirt but it isn’t too noticeable to matter that much.

  2. radthompson

    That red stripe makes me completely hate this kit. It is an utterly useless bit of design, and whoever decided it was a good idea should be fired.

  3. TheKitCritic

    Meh- not too keen on their red stripe but aside from it it’s practically last season’s kit

  4. nicholaswood

    The stripe is the killer, surely the designer then puma then Arsenal could have seen that…..but clearly they didn’t it would seem

  5. Dirk

    Are those “slim cut” shirts a special edition? Every year the fit perfect at poayers. But faneditions don’t fit that good. The fit as a normal t-shirt.

  6. bigg

    not the best not the worst
    did someone at puma not think to turn the stripe into a st georges cross,or is that too much thinking for the twats

  7. Vince

    I really like it! It’s creative and original, yet respectful of Arsenal’s traditional look

  8. Jonny


    That’s because the players have the right body for those perfect fit shirts, The fans have replica’s that fit like regular t-shirts because not all fans have the bodies that footballers have! lol

  9. Kirk

    When do stores start getting in the new kit?? When was it released?? The arsenal kit that is!!

  10. Joe

    I think they took some inspiration from the Printer colours template for the Goalie sleeves.

  11. Pete


    Terrible collar, yet another attempt to do something ‘different’ around the neck just for the sake of it….looks clunky and awkward. Terrible central stripe looks like the trail of a huge slug.


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