New Watford Kit 2013-2014- Puma Watford FC Home Shirt 13-14 Sponsor

This is the new Watford kit 2013/14, Watford FC’s new home shirt for the forthcoming 2013/14 season. Watford’s new kit has been made by Puma and the Hornets, who narrowly missed out on promotion after losing the playoff final to Crystal Palace, will be hoping to taste success this season

Watford’s new home shirt was released on the official Youtube channel of new sponsors, who take over from Sports Interactive ( Watford had Football Manager on their jerseys last year).

There’s also a change in the club crest, as the pics and the video below will tell you.

Edit- 7 June 2.30 pm BST– four new pics showing kit in greater detail added after official unveiling by Watford.

New Watford Football Shirt 2013

Watford Crest 2013

Watford FC Shorts

Watford FC Socks Watford Kit

New Watford Home Shirt 2013 14

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22 thoughts on “New Watford Kit 2013-2014- Puma Watford FC Home Shirt 13-14 Sponsor

  1. Sean

    The Chinese (?) characters on the shirt look weird. But like with Aston Villa and Genting, we’ll get used to it I suppose.

    Miss FM though.

  2. EIoAirdrie

    Same template as Airdrieonians away kit for the season…that’s saying something considering they’re in the 3rd tier of scottish football and watford should be challenging for the championship…

  3. JonLCFC

    Well thanks promotional video for just showing half the shirt. Plus Watford will have 12 registered players at the start of next season and are under transfer embargo. And Vydras not coming back. Good luck

  4. Connor

    Find it weird the difference between Premier League jerseys and lower league jerseys.

    Had they beaten Palace, I just can’t see that being a kit that would be in the Premier League.

  5. JonLCFC

    Hahahahahaha yes 🙁 But in all seriousness without the loan players and with the new football league rules your screwed. You must admit it was strangling the famed Watford youth academy with all those foreign imports

  6. GeorgeWFC

    It is ugly with way to much black. At least we don’t have a massively used template like last year. Please have decent GK and away shirts.

  7. bgb1603

    Sad sorry leicster supporters check your facts out regarding the embargo we can still sign players and any we sign will be better than that choker Knocaert HA HA

  8. Queggy Sporag

    Another team sponsored by some dodgy scammy betting company. They should just rename the entire football league to the “Bet718 poker casino wonga League”

  9. Xerome

    Changing the original colours of the badge is terrible, I hate it. And they did it with both jerseys…

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