New West Ham Kit 2012-2013- Macron Navy WHUFC Away Jersey 12-13

This is the new West Ham United jersey 2012/2013, West Ham United’s new away kit for the 2012/13 Premier League season. The new WHUFC away shirt 2012/13 has been made by Italian firm Macron and was officially unveiled on 1 June, 2012. West Ham qualified for the 2012-2013 Premier League, being promoted along with Southampton and Reading. The Hammers beat Blackpool in the playoff final while the Saints and the Royals secured automatic promotion.

West Ham’s new 2012/2013 away jersey is navy in colour and carries the motto “More than a football kit”. It’s been designed as a piece of leisurewear suited for fans of the club apart from fulfilling its primary function as a footy strip.

SBOBET are again the principal sponsors of the West Ham’s new away shirt for 2012-2013.

Players like Mark Noble, Carlton Cole and Kevin Nolan will be wearing this new WHUFC 2012/13 kit.

WHUFC Shirt 12-13

New West Ham Kit 2012 2013

New WHUFC Shirt 2012

Macron West Ham Jersey 2012-2013

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15 thoughts on “New West Ham Kit 2012-2013- Macron Navy WHUFC Away Jersey 12-13

  1. Steven

    Here’s hoping Macron can come up with something good for Aston Villa too

    This design is very nice… tbh

  2. Tim Melican

    Extremely disappointed. I like the 10/11 and the 11/12 kits but, this NAVY colored shite should be left for the training grounds not a PREMIER LEAGUE pitch. I hope the HOME kit is better.

  3. mitch millard

    agreed tim not happy with the design or colour the fake one looked proper and the home top which i think is a fake looks even better.

  4. NSave

    Guys this kit honors Thames Ironworks FC and their shirts, hence the old football on the last photo 🙂
    If only the yellow X could have been replaced by 2 hammers

  5. cmac

    Being proud of tradition and honouring the past is all well and good. but it seems to be never ending; whether its the 1960s, 1950s or 1890s. for an away kit especially its about time we looked forward, and did something different

  6. Mr French

    Seriously… This is one ugly kit!!! Looks like a girls cricket shirt… The collar just throws the whole thing off… And with the white lettering for the sponsor doesn’t go either… Yuk…

  7. gooner boy1981

    on the bright side, its less gay than Chelsea, but thats not say’in much as nothing can be THAT gay. (execpt the French obviously)

  8. Matt

    How well does it go with an Essex tan tho? I’m glad I live in London, so there’s no danger of ever running into anyone wearing one.

  9. devonshire cream

    I never like West Ham with navy even if it’s supposed to honour the Thames Ironworks heritage. Bring back the white shirts Adidas 80s style.

  10. pfcsteve

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