New PSG Kit 2012-2013- Nike Paris Saint-Germain Home Shirt 12-13

This is the new PSG home jersey 2012/2013, French giants Paris Saint-Germain FC’s new playing kit for the 12/13 season. Managed by former Milan and Chelsea gaffer Carlo Ancelotti, PSG finished second in the 2011/12 France Ligue 1 season behind champions Montpellier HSC. PSG’s new 2012-13 home shirt was officially unveiled by kit designers Nike on May 31, 2012.

Fly Emirates are the sponsors of Paris SG’s 12-13 home kit. The shirt retains a blue foundation with thin white and red stripes. The Nike swoosh is in white, as can be seen from the pics below.

PSG’s biggest name is arguably Argentine medio Javier Pastore ( who they bought for close to €40m from Palermo) but they also have the likes of Thiago Motta, Jeremy Menez, Matuidi and Kevin Gameiro in their ranks. PSG will be aiming to win the Ligue 1 title in the forthcoming 2012/13 season.

New PSG Jersey 2012-2013

Nouveau PSG Maillot 2013

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25 thoughts on “New PSG Kit 2012-2013- Nike Paris Saint-Germain Home Shirt 12-13

  1. Froggy

    PSG can’t get Adidas as Marseilles have got a long-term relationship with them… Therefore PSG is Nike!

  2. Mr French

    PSG reminds me of Man City… they don’t have any kind of real history or football culture, so they buy their players… I said it before… Nobody grows up wanting to play for Man City or PSG… They grow up knowing they could be bought by them…

  3. FFF

    @Mr French

    HEY con**rd ! PSG was born in 1970. It is a young club but we have a nice history. OUR stadium is the PARC DES PRINCES .
    We are not manchester united or barca but we deserve respect ! Before we were bought by quatari owner a lot of talented players have played for us like Rai ; Ronaldinho ; Valdo; Weah ; Pauleta ; Susic; etc ! IN 40 years we won 2 league titles; we won 8 coupes de France; 3 COUPE DE LA LIGUE and PSG were on the move and between 1992 and 1998 they contested two UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup finals – winning in 1996 – reached the UEFA Champions League semifinals once and twice advanced to the same stage of the UEFA Cup. For a club who has only 42 YEARS it is a nice achievement ! And to finish with : Despite their recent ups and downs, PSG and OM remain, along with Saint-Étienne, the only French clubs with a truly nationwide, faithful and passionate fan base, giving the country’s biggest match a special atmosphere/ SO RESPECT US WE HAVE A HISTORY/

  4. Ligue 1

    PSG is the second most popular club in France and most players growing up in the Paris region dream of playing for PSG. Plus they’ve won the uefa cup and super cup, so yes they have history.

  5. Mr French

    Thanks for the unnecessary lesson… But i am a Frenchman myself and i’m well aware of PSG and Parc des Princes… Being around since 1970 hardly constitutes a “history”… Its only 42 years… Now a club like Marseille… THAT’S what you call a history mon ami…

  6. rjag

    @Mr French

    and you should look up the definition of history. Yesterday is ‘history.’ 42 years is a short lifespan for a football club but it is nonetheless a ‘history’ as it has taken place before today. Whats OMs history? cheating their way to the Champions League?

  7. Mr French

    Hey “jag” off… Sounds like your a little jealous… Anyone who makes a statement like OM cheating their way to the Champions League without any proof whatsoever is jealous… And in most cases like this i find the responder to be a woman, since that’s a characteristic mostly shared by females… Now i may be wrong, but we can all agree that if you aren’t a woman, your at least gay… So happy fudge packing mon ami!!!

  8. Paris

    @Mr French
    The only reason PSG is “young” is due to its re-establishment in 1970 by merger between Paris F.C. and Stade Saint-Germain. For instance, Stade Saint-Germain was founded in 1904. That’s hardly a young club. Just like “Insight” said above, it appears you’re an OM fan, so rivalry and hateful comment are to be expected. Nonetheless, every club should be respected for its accomplishment. Dislike PSG if you want, but claiming that PSG has “no history,” that’s just ignorant.

  9. gooner boy 1981

    i’m a Londoner and an Arsenal fan, so i really hate saying this….but that is one of the nicest looking shirt designs i’ve seen in a long time.

  10. mancity94

    Mr French :
    PSG reminds me of Man City… they don’t have any kind of real history or football culture, so they buy their players… I said it before… Nobody grows up wanting to play for Man City or PSG… They grow up knowing they could be bought by them…

  11. mancity94

    WTF do you know about Manchester Citys history ?, we’ve been Manchesters team since 1880 ( West Gorton), typical lazy comment from no REAL knowledge of football

  12. mancity94

    @Mr French
    Stick to french football with comments like that Manchester City began life in Manchester in 1880 , how much history do you want ??? ………. idiot !

  13. PSG Fan

    Oh and just so you know PSG is winning in champions league so far so at the moment there doing better than Manchester and barcalona

  14. Phil

    Dear ladies and gentlemen,
    I find that every football club has its own big history, like Man City, they have gotten very far in the Champions league, and won the Premier League in 2012, and same with PSG, they have gotten close to champions league title, and they’ve won the domestic cup several times, in 40 years! And then there’s Bayern Munich, who are won 3 champions leagues in a row, and have won 1/2 of the bundesliga titles. And there’s Man U, who just won Premier league, and are looking in form for champions league next year. So every club has its own good qualities, and history, for example, even Fenerbache made it into the Europa league semi-finals! That’s something to remember!

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