New Hearts Adidas Strip 2012-2013- White Heart of Midlothian Away Kit 12-13

This is the new Hearts kit 2012/13, Scottish Premier League club Heart of Midlothian’s new away kit for the 2012-2013 season. The new Hearts strip 12/13 has been made by Adidas, who replace Umbro as kit designers, and was officially unveiled on 1 June, 2012 by the kit giant and HMFC.

Hearts’ new Adidas shirt for 2012/13 is white in colour with maroon stripes. The shorts are also maroon in colour. Adidas have gone for a v-neck, collarless look to the jersey, which is again sponsored by Wonga.

Hearts won the 2011/2012 Scottish FA Cup, beating Edinburgh neighbours Hibernian in the final.

New Hearts Adidas Strip 12-13

Hearts New Kit 2012-2013

New HMFC Strip 2012-13

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15 thoughts on “New Hearts Adidas Strip 2012-2013- White Heart of Midlothian Away Kit 12-13

  1. Orwell

    shuda stuck with Umbro

    White is not a bad idea but the rest is pretty uninspiring- could’ve done more with an away kit design wise

  2. Tim Melican

    I love it! I wish West Ham had struck a deal with Addidas instead of Macron and gone this route. Awesome!

  3. Mr French

    Beautiful kit for the oldest football clubs in existence… Sorry you don’t like change Orwell… I’m not a Hearts fan, but it sparked my interest… I bet the away kit will be exquisite… As away kits usually are…

  4. Ali Renwick

    As a hearts fan I love it takes us back to the late 90’s look winning the Scottish cup in 98 with a similar strip hopefully this will inspire them grat choice love it and will be buying it

  5. Jambob

    i agree it is a nice strip and ill will be buying it but i think it looks more like a training top

  6. jamie

    @Mr French

    Hearts are not the oldest football club in existence Kilmarnock FC formed in 1869!!! Queens Park formed in 1867!!! Hearts didnt form till 1874!!!

    Nice shirt tho

  7. Mr French

    Thanks Mr Italy, your exactly correct… You obviously noticed the s on the end of clubs… My mistake…

  8. RickyM69

    I like the away strip and the home so i will be given the mighty JT’s my hard earned cash, really glad we chose Adidas, love the new strips

  9. pete

    After 2days the best away top in years are sold out and it seems you can only buy from or there shop not even addidas are selling on line absolute rubbish by hearts and addidas for not making enough very angry season ticket holder

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