New Blackburn Rovers Kit 2012-2013- Umbro Blackburn Home Shirt 12-13

This is Blackburn Rovers’ new 2012/2013 home kit, the home shirt that Blackburn Rovers FC will wear in their 2012/13 Championship season. Rovers were relegated from the 2011/12 Premier League, with a loss to Wigan at Ewood Park sealing their fate after a disappointing league season. Blackburn’s new 2012/13 home jersey has been made by Umbro

This new Blackburn Rovers 2012/2013 home shirt was officially unveiled by the club on 17 May, 2012 but had been on sale at renowned sports retailers JD Sports prior to the release.

The striped v-neck top, abandoning the red trim from the 11/12 shirt, is split into two vertical halves of blue and white and has different coloured sleeves ( white sleeve on the blue side and blue on the white side). No sponsor has been readied yet, and fans wishing to buy the kit will have to do so with it being blank. The sponsors’ logo can be printed later.

Blackburn Rovers Soccer Jersey 2012

Blackburn Rovers’ 11/12 home kit, for the record, had the Prince’s Trust logo in the place for the sponsor.

New Blackburn Rovers Kit 2012-2013

Blackburn Home Shirt 12-13 Umbro

36 thoughts on “New Blackburn Rovers Kit 2012-2013- Umbro Blackburn Home Shirt 12-13

  1. charlie


  2. Paulwall

    Nice I guess. Let’s hope it will get them back in the primership. ROVERS FOR EVER.

  3. Dave Wright

    Already got this shirt, and it fits real nice….on my bog roll holder!…..Welcome back B**tards!!!!!

  4. ChrisK

    I do like the shirts better with red trim. Sack having a sponsor and replace it with Venky’s Out. And may I just add Dave Wright yet again another easy 6 points for Rovers against the Dingles, no matter what quality of team we have next season!!!

  5. stephen

    how is the championship boring?!
    im a reading fan and i reckon the championship is more exciting than PL cause its so unpredictable

  6. Mr French

    Yuk!!! This kit looks as about exciting as their shit season… Oh well, look like shit, feels like shit, play like shit… Looks like they could use some ADIDAS in their life!!! I guess they can’t all be CHELSEA… The champions of Europe…

  7. Mr French

    And your point??? It’s not a pissing contest… Besides, take a pole and see how many people have even heard of Aberdeen and how many know who Chelsea are… There you have it… And by the way, i’m tuning in from America… Although I know who Aberdeen is, the average American does not… This is about the boring kit that Blackburn must wear next season, not about how many trophies Aberdeen has in their case…

  8. Stavros

    Theyve swapped red collar for blue and thats it.
    Quick money maker for the Venkys!

  9. Lee Gerald

    Balckburn should not be playing footy in Championship!! Why dont Venky stop listening to the ill advices from the agents and start using your own brain and idea. Should try luring Mr Alan Shearer into management with Blackburn Rovers and maybe Mr Shearer will conjure up some surprises. I almost died of cardiac arrest whenever I watched Blackburn Rovers last season. Mr Venky..Please don’t make Steve Kean as the “Indispensable”. Thank you very much.

  10. chris bramley

    i really like this kit. ive never been a huge fan of the red collar. rekon it looks pretty retro and wont date as quick as other kits might.

    pissed we are in the championship, but we went down a decade ago, and came back up strongly so there’s no reason we cant again. especially with pederson staying, and some of the signings we’ve made so far could make a big impact on the championship.

    oh… and a quick message for the septic tank chelsea fan… granted not many people in america have heard of aberdeen, but who the f**k had heard of chelsea before abramovich came along??!! and who will give a f**k when he gets bored and sails off into the russian sunset and leaves you with all your debts??!! and id rather rovers stick with an english company like umbro than a german one like adidas.

    oh and Mr Wright… here’s something fun for you to do… count up to 6 and thats how many point we’ll ave you benedictine drinking mugs next season (and if you get stuck counting that high up, 6 is how many fingers you have on each hand)

  11. Noobie

    They might actually do good this season cause they are vs teames with are on the same stats as them so go on rovers

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