New Rangers Strip 12-13- Umbro Glasgow Rangers Home Kit 2012-2013

This is the new Rangers home top 12/13, Scottish Premier League side Glasgow Rangers’ new home strip for the 12/13 season. Rangers’ new 2012/2013 home kit has been made by Umbro and was officially unveiled by the Gers on April 26, 2012 at 11am. This new Rangers top is a tribute to the side that triumphed in Europe in 1972 by beating Dinamo Moscow at the Nou Camp, Barcelona in the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

The 2012/13 strip sees a rebranding of the Tennent’s logo, which now appears below the club crest instead of being across the shirt. The strip also has the same red and white socks worn by the Gers in that famous 1972 campaign. The jersey features a bigger badge and the five stars are running vertical at the side of the top.

Rangers’ new 2012/2013 home kit will be worn for the first time in a pre-season friendly against Linfield FC on May 7, 2012.

Here is a pic of the new Rangers top 2012/2013, which has 1972 stitched inside the collar.

Fans can buy the new Rangers top today at reputed UK retailers JJB Sports.

New Rangers Kit 2013 Stars

New Rangers Top 2013

New Rangers Strip 12-13

92 thoughts on “New Rangers Strip 12-13- Umbro Glasgow Rangers Home Kit 2012-2013

  1. jonny

    Im a rangers fan and that top is disgusting. Its far to boring! Use need something exciting, especially with the situation were in. we a top thats gonna make us stand out.

  2. Realist

    Won’t be long and this top will be getting sold on the antiques road show for a fiver when fans will have to fork out for another top for the newco,lmao!

  3. Dave McGuire

    Sorry to be pedantic, but the introduction to the strip contains a glaring error that even a Celtic fan like me can spot a mile off. Rangers beat Dinamo Moscow to win the Cup Winners Cup. The final was held at the Nou Camp, Barcelona.

  4. Hunkpapa

    I like the top , like the big RFC , don’t like red socks should stick to black N red .

  5. Realist

    Is that the best you can do wee jc????
    Trying to point score with a serious matter!! What a clown ( screen capture) fool!
    Enjoy supporting go an juniors next season!

  6. phew

    I see Nike (who own Umbro) have decided there is no future for the old firm and went backwards with both the designs. Out of the two I would say the Glasgow Rangers one is most successfull, although pretty basic. I seem to remember Celtic had a similar strip about 5 years ago with white round kneck… Also not sure about the embroidery around the logo. i thought they may have went the France or Holland away templates but…. anyway I’m sure they’ll both be a commercial success. Although I’m surprised RFC committed to the production of strips given their financial status….

  7. Len McCoy

    Rangers have launched their new kit today and the 5 stars above the badge are GONE ! Obviously this is because RFC fear having their tainted titles stripped and when liquidated, a newco Rangers will have no history.

    Its good to know what newco Rangers will be wearing when they begin life at the bottom of the Scottish 3rd division with no stars on the shirts and no stars inside the shirts either !

  8. Garry

    A hidden five stars for when they say bye bye to the SPL! LOL. They might give you a free needle to get rid of the stitching for the start of the season!

  9. C-Bhoy

    Backwards? In what way? The Celtic kit is based on the original hooped kit from 1903 to celebrate 125 years of the club. Umbro have went with a retro look (cracking if you ask me), which they have also use don the England shirt for Euro 2012. Have they “given up” on England aswell?

    Also: New templates are 99.9% shite. Minimalistic & Retro beats a busy modern shirt any day.

  10. Malkatraz

    “Disgusting”?? That’s a bit strong, dontcha think? I reckon it’s a pretty sweet design – no fussy details, daft collars or stupid patterns on the Royal Blue.

    Umbro have really upped their game recently, with a return to classic designs. I’ll be buying one when it comes out.

  11. Delboy

    Back to basics with the new strip is the right idea. Boot up the arse is what Rangers needed. Get the youngsters in and make them play for the jersey. Get rid of that smarmy f*cker McCoist – send him back to the BBC to make an arse of himself on A Question Of Sport. Get a real manager in to make the youngsters play as a team.

  12. Jamesy *****

    Look at the tailored by umbro pic at the top is that not 5 stars? Get ur facts right silly c*nts

  13. Ha_g/Ne_l/Len_on

    Tae aww these stupid tottie picking f*ckers thu 5 stars are clearly on thu side and not on the badge because they are making the strip like the 1972 strip f*king retards

  14. Lewis Nisbet

    Minted! Perfect for the situation were in. Back to the good old days. Show some respect people.

  15. Realist

    Hahaha BYE BYE RANGERS!!
    Least we know what you’s will be wearing when your sad cheating disgraceful club dies and plz remember you will always be Scotland’s shame! Well proved on here as everywhere else!
    God bless!

  16. Dondon

    This has to be thee most horrible strip out ….they better change it again next season as it might clash wae Peterhead if they get promotion from the third division that is .

  17. Greenbhoy

    No bother down the swanny ha ha ha the only stars you will see are the ones in the sky cheats!!!!

  18. Frank feely

    Wats the difference between a hedgehog and the new rangers strip…… The pricks are on the outside of the hedgehog… Hail Hail

  19. Mark

    It’s that they’ve left off the 5 stars now. Would’ve been awkward removing them after they get stripped of their silverware in a few months :p

    As a Celtic fan though< I have to admit that's a good looking kit.

  20. Archie

    Archie :
    W would rather die with our history than live with yours!!!! BJK!!!

    Anyhow……..the point….. Best Rangers Jersey for a long time……but do prefer the black socks

  21. Wb1888

    Good to see the 5 stars fading!!
    Shouldn’t highlight 50 failed attempts
    to win the “big cup”

  22. mike

    it would be better if it was green, white had hoop and Gary Hooper was wearing it oh wait just described celtic at least i named a good team… mwa ha ha ha ha

  23. Garrett

    You are the problem with Scotland you idiot, you can’t help getting your wee neb in and try your hardest to get the last word in. I’m not even a Rangers fan but in times like this rangers need Celtic as much as you need them, you can’t make it in the premiership because rangers have no money and you have a liability of a manager who can’t handle it when he’s beat aswell as the fact that religion shouldnt be involved in football end of. Truth hurts mate.

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