New Rangers Strip 12-13- Umbro Glasgow Rangers Home Kit 2012-2013

Click here to see the new RFC home strip for the 22/23 season.

This is the new Rangers home top 12/13, Scottish Premier League side Glasgow Rangers’ new home strip for the 12/13 season. Rangers’ new 2012/2013 home kit has been made by Umbro and was officially unveiled by the Gers on April 26, 2012 at 11am. This new Rangers top is a tribute to the side that triumphed in Europe in 1972 by beating Dinamo Moscow at the Nou Camp, Barcelona in the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

The 2012/13 strip sees a rebranding of the Tennent’s logo, which now appears below the club crest instead of being across the shirt. The strip also has the same red and white socks worn by the Gers in that famous 1972 campaign. The jersey features a bigger badge and the five stars are running vertical at the side of the top.

Rangers’ new 2012/2013 home kit will be worn for the first time in a pre-season friendly against Linfield FC on May 7, 2012.

Here is a pic of the new Rangers top 2012/2013, which has 1972 stitched inside the collar.

Fans can buy the new Rangers top today at reputed UK retailers JJB Sports.

New Rangers Kit 2013 Stars

New Rangers Top 2013

New Rangers Strip 12-13

92 thoughts on “New Rangers Strip 12-13- Umbro Glasgow Rangers Home Kit 2012-2013

  1. Graeme McMillan

    Fantastic tribute and in these trying times nice to see us going back to our true colours. If we need to start again let’s do it with pride and get the blue flag flying high once again. Blue IS the colour after all…. Follow Follow

  2. Captain Kirk

    @kieran graham

    Absolutely Kieran it is their best kit by far! plain and simple thats how football kits should be and not with those dizzy headache designs! well done Glasgow Rangers and Umbro.
    Now would you please do the same with England home & away kits! PLEASE!!!!

  3. john

    that is what you call mingin hahahahah moan the hoops unlucky for rangers

    remember this SPL ahahhaha

  4. Johnnybhoy

    Well here we go again f**kin strip is pathetic the rangers fc will now need a new strip for the 3rd division hahahaha hail hail hope rangers get downgraded to the pits 5 aside league there trophys belong to celtic cheating rats unfair advantage lets aw laff at newco hahaha

  5. jambo

    On the Greengers official site, 1972 is printed inside the collar should’nt it it be 2012?

  6. Ryan RFC

    shut it john rangers the most succesful club in the world with 57 cups and titles are better than celtic anyday

  7. Markybhoy

    I see they’re still up to their knees in Fenian blood! They are a totally new company therefor the badge should be different, the stars are illigitimate , well one is at least .

  8. SuperAlly

    “Moan the hoops” yes, you lot do like a f**king moan don’t you. At least it’s only taxes we fiddled and not the kids eh? BJK!

  9. daryl

    werent celtic newco in 1994????? i think they were so how can you laugh you went there!!!! haha

  10. daryl

    rangers will be bk in the spl soon enough and will be more famous than the tims
    all the fans are behind the club and we will see how long it takes for the green and whites to crubble. Now the champions are going to show all football teams in the world how a real club gets bk to the top that has been kicked on the ground by everyone who wether or not admits it needs them. as soon as this all came to light everyone wanted a piece like animals now lets watch them scurry like rats to survive. we will be bk and we will be the champions once more and when we pick the title up again you will all be shown how a real clubs work

  11. Scoop

    I have not stopped busting my sides with laughter since last January 2012 when HMRC caught the three Bears (daddy David, mammy Craig and wee baby Ally) with their mucky paws in the Queen’s porridge. Every day is like my birthday when I read Sky Sports News for an update on the Newco / Oldco saga. Let them keep the stars on their jerseys because it will be a constant reminder of what they have stolen.

  12. RyanAVFC4Ever

    classy strip for a team that should have looked after there finances better. At least they’ll look nice in the Third Division.

  13. wandering stars

    After the wandering star players `walked away` now prior to the cheated titles being stripped we have the five wee tin stars on the jersey wandering off too, or did they wash off? Tin wears away but Gold doesnt, One Gold star is all you need. I was born under some wandering stars ha ha ha

  14. Keith

    Rangers are still the most accomplished Scottish football club and that’s why all the Celtic fans are here talking about us 🙂 so cute of you lot!
    You really should just come out the closet and confess your undying love for Rangers FC just remember you can’t erase history just like you can’t deny that we’re better than you, also have a nice day.

  15. Keith

    Infact I bet Celtic wish they were in our position!!
    Atleast their pedophilia years would of been tooken off the slates but that’s right you all seem to forget about that don’t you, such a terrible shameful club with the biggest bigots and dimwitted fans in Scotland.

  16. Hoopfan

    Its funny how rangers fans (oops i mean newco rangers fans) are trying to defend there club. You didnt pay your taxes and you deserve to be in the third division your club is a disgrace!!!

  17. colin

    i recall my first football strip my aunty in edinburugh bought me back in early 70,s, i asked for it basically cos the logo intrigued me and being a young lad i liked the colour blue.This strip reminds of that yun and im impressed and now i reside in australia for past 23 yrs, i shall go out and buy yun ive got a old one from early 2000 and something autographed, but this yun will be significant to wear on My Beloved Teams long road to where we belong in top flight football and euroupe……….i think for a long time the club lost its way too worried about oversees players to take a real good hard look at the talent on our home shores, grassroots football is a must if we want to be taken seriously on international scene

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