New Rangers Kit 10/11 Home Umbro

This is the new Glasgow Rangers Home Kit for the 10/11 Scottish Premier League season. Rangers finished as winners of the 09/10 SPL and will compete in the Champions League next season.

Click here for the new Rangers strip 2011/12.

Click for the Rangers 10/11 Third Kit.

This retro style Rangers kit, which is a throwback to the Bill Struth era of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, has been made by Umbro. It has a distinctive white collar. Tennent’s Lager are the sponsors of the 10/11 Rangers kit.

See these pics of Kevin Thomson and Andy Webster modeling the new Rangers 10/11 Home Strip.

Pre-orders for the Rangers shirt start on May 27, Thursday and the shirt will go on sale from June 24, 2010 onwards.

Buy the 10/11 Rangers Tennents sponsored top today at reputed UK retailers JJB Sports.

If you live in North America, then this Rangers jersey can be ordered from the World Soccer Shop

Rangers Home Shirt

Rangers Shorts 10-11

2010 Glasgow Rangers Kit

Webster Rangers Kit

51 thoughts on “New Rangers Kit 10/11 Home Umbro

  1. Ben Johnston

    i think the shirt looks ok but it could do without the white color and maybe just have it blue.I would also maybe have a white pattern on it since its just all blue.

  2. Dave

    Bad enough its still umbro, but I would have rathered somethin more modern! Possibly with Orange and Purple diagonal strips across the chest!
    But to close on a positive, this strip is probably not the nicest we’ve ever had, and no doubt the papes will have their say, but remember this ….. WE DONT ABUSE CHILDREN, AND CELTIC DO!

  3. rangersfan.1

    whats with those socks they do not match the rest of the strip i dont really agree on this top its odd looking! glad its tennents thats sponsering rangers this season, pitty umbros still in the scene tho.

  4. Kyle Shentall

    The rangers strip has been that way for many of years you utter mug !! blue top, white shorts && black socks – what kind of rangers fan do you call yourself ?? not a die hard thats for sure !!@rangersfan.1

  5. david flannigan

    I love it, at last an ALL blue top without silly white piping and red dashes, just Rangers blue. The collar looks great

  6. john

    it’s better than the old top but still has a cheap look due to it being umbro. ross county have adidas and aberdeen have nike so why have we got second rate when we’re the best in the country? i like all blue but how many other teams do you see with collars flapping about?

  7. afrobhoy

    your all goin to look like mugs when hoops tan ye,s this season hail hail 1967 🙂

  8. kaner Rfc

    not sure about the new strip sure its just another new top another new season and certainly the same champions. unlucky celtic scum

  9. 2 ina row

    at least rangers change their shirts… what do celtic do every season? take a hoop out or add one in. your tops are shite because theres a limited amount u can do with green and white hoops, thats why rangers have always looked better, and been better. the new top is a retro look, it will inspire us to 3 in a row! haha no surrender!

  10. dean rhoddan

    it is brillant we hate celtic fans canny fight here we go 3 in a row glasgow rangers chapions oooooo !!!!!!!! simply the best better than all the rest ibrox#1 come on the bers celtic are crap! park head is manky just like celtic fans we are the people celtic are f**& scum come on the rangers

  11. dean rhoddan


  12. cotski

    top looks like one of the better ones i have seen for a while, shame no other company with money wants to sponsor us rather than a lager company , and to the person who is not happy there is no alcohol sponsor on kids shirts ….think about it .

  13. cotski

    you want your kids to be a walking billboard for tennents ? sorry i refused to buy my kids any strips with alcohol sponsors on them as it just does’nt seem right given that our country has a hell of a drink problem

  14. jody

    to “cotski”
    the kids shirts don’t have tennantas on them.
    so before you shout your mouth off, you should get your facts correct.
    Anyway, loving the shirt (L)
    come on rangers <3 xx

  15. Billy

    your nothing but a sectarian narrow minded idiot. orange and purple colours..not every protestant is in the orange order nor is every rangers supporter. colours arent even anything to do with the team. This website is for people to discuss kits not to start up another 50 years of riots and abuse. You make me ashamed to be a protestant rangers supporter….btw one of the leading orangemen “Harbinson” was convicted of child abuse of a 12 year old girl….

  16. The Duke

    This is the worst rangers strip I’ve ever seen. Years have been spent and millions of pounds have been spent making strips lighter, more comfortable and easier to play in and umbro have decided to bring out a polo shirt which could be bought in primark for £2.50 and fired a tennents sticker on the front. Umbro, what a joke! Nike or Addidas would have been the way to go! Sooooo Disapointed!

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