New Rangers Strip 11-12 Home Umbro

Click here to see the new Rangers 2012/2013 top

The new Rangers home strip 11/12 ( 2011/12) was officially released today ( April 18, 2011) by Glasgow Rangers FC and kit makers Umbro. The new Rangers strip features a classic v-necked white collar for the shirt and red and white detail on the shoulders.

Click here for the official Rangers away strip 11/12 and the new Rangers third kit 2011/2012

The Rangers home kit 2011/12 was modelled by Kirk Broadfoot and Kyle Hutton and will officially go on sale from May 12, 2011 onwards.

The blue Rangers top continues to have Tennent’s Lager as the sponsor. White shorts and black socks with red trim complete the new Rangers strip.

Adult short sleeved home tops will cost £44.99, while junior versions of the new home shirt will cost £34.99. Junior shirts will not contain the Tennent’s logo. A picture of the new Rangers infant home kit ( without the sponsor’s logo) is given below.

Here is a first look at the Rangers home kit 11/12.

Buy the new 11/12 Rangers home top today at reputed UK retailers JJB Sports.

Versions of the new home strip available at JJB include the men’s home top, junior kits ( boys and infants), long sleeve shirts and women’s kits.

New Rangers Strip 11-12

New Rangers Kit 2011

Rangers Infant Kit 11-12

20 thoughts on “New Rangers Strip 11-12 Home Umbro

  1. Kris commons

    Got to be the worst kit in a while ?!
    Will they be wearing it on Sunday ? I will spit on it and I will be a Celtic legend !

  2. stoo

    ah well, let me guess what the celtic home top will look like again this year…. wait dont tell me! green and white hoops?

  3. rangers fan

    says the fan that propbaly cant even afford a strip !!! ur manager is the most racist bigoted disgrace in scottish football shouldnt be a manager since the cis cup in 2002 when he spat on ricksens face,since he started on the record holder ally mccoist (jealousy at its best ) in a previous old firm match this year celtic should go back to the republic yous have no place in scotland now away back to suckin off your priest alterboy and theres a field a tatties waitin for yous to pick afterwards W.A.T.P


    quite nice bit plain i’d like the NY cosmos template better. celtic fan enough of the bigotry grow up!

  5. craig whyte

    not sure this is the new home kit,ive saw a few fans outside the dhss wearing the new strip,the new sponsor is cr smith as far as i could see,the obese wearers of the new strip had names on the back,apparently rangers have signed butcher and roberts….are these guys new signings….bet we got them on bosmans….the futures blue….we are a peepilz

  6. F***heceltic

    Kris commons . I bet you all 53, soon to be 54 league cups that you do not spit on 1 single rangers top that has been worn by a rangers fan on sunday. So f*ck of you dirty Fenian c*** , when Neil Lennon gets shot or blown up during you min of silence il be singing “f*** you Lennon ya dirty timmy c*** ” . And Celtic fan , if this is such a shitty kit then ok you have you opinion but you must want to be a blue noise well ether that or you a sad c*** who finds eny thing to do with rangers then makes an account just to comment . If u did do that then you really need to get a life
    W.a.t.p F T P

  7. Steven Jelavic McGinn

    Nice! Verry Stylish, Love That The Badg I Bigger Makes It Look More Offical, Rather Than A Training Top! We Will Win Our 55th Title n This Top!!!

  8. colin

    This hatred is pathetic….keep it a sporting rivalry!! am a ranger fan and all my mates are halfed between gers anc celts….we have football banter not bigiot hatred! fana of scottish football need to get a grip…you embrassing yourself and this country!

  9. Neil Lennon

    rangers home tops will always be the same(all blue, little bit of red and white somewhere) same as celtics( green and white hoops ) i really dont see the point of gettin excited about a new home kit, there always the same!

    away and 3rd kits for that matter, get excited about them, they always seem to be marmite tops, love them or hate them no inbetween

  10. frankie1888

    i find it very funny that the clown called F***heceltid is shoutin aboot lennon lol its aboot fitbaw taps and 1 more inbreed has to start there shyt scotlands shame at its best ha ha ha ure a nugget buddy

  11. steven somerville

    easy blue

    whats all this talk over its only a footy kit ,come on my fellow scotts lets just keep it banter ok and have fun ok ,i mean thats what footballs all about having fun right watching or playing,,,,lets try and focus on scotland ok.

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