Fulham sign new shirt deal with Kappa

Kappa have signed a new deal with Fulham FC that will see them supply kits to the Europa League finalists for the 2010/11 season. Previously, Fulham’s kits were being made by Nike.

Fulham will become the only Premier League club in the 2010/11 season to be outfitted by Kappa.

Other teams whose strips are manufactured by Kappa include AS Roma, Valencia, Borussia Dortmund and FC Kobenhavn.

Click here for pics of the 2010-11 Fulham Kappa Kit.

8 thoughts on “Fulham sign new shirt deal with Kappa

  1. stuart

    the statement that fulham are the first premier league team to wear kappa is not true as pompey wore kappa in the fa cup semi final and final whilst they were in the premier league

  2. Football Kit News Post author

    You could argue that Stuart, but the Cup isn’t a part of the “league”.

    While making that statement, I haven’t also considered past team strips ( older ones) that might have been made by Kappa

  3. jake

    Fulham arent the first team in the EPL to wear Kappa and neither are Portsmouth.
    Tottenham use to wear Kappa awhile ago.

  4. silverdale

    It doesnt say the first it says the only premier league club weairng a kappa kit

  5. symon

    if you read it properley it says fulham will be the only team to have a shirt designed by kappa in the 2010/11 prem season

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