New Chelsea Home Top 17 18

New Chelsea Nike Kit 2017-2018 | CFC Home & Away Jerseys 17-18

These are the new Chelsea kits 2017/18, Chelsea FC’s new home and away tops for the upcoming Premier League season. The first strips to be produced for the Blues as part of a new deal with Nike, the new CFC tops were officially unveiled on July 1, 2017. Chelsea, the reigning Premier League champions, wore Adidas in 2016/17, but terminated their contract six years early and switched to Nike in a deal that is reportedly worth £60m a season (£900m over 15 years). The Blues wore Adidas since 2006 and their contract with the German firm was only due to expire in 2023.

The home shirt takes inspiration from the early 70’s, while the alternate is predominantly white with a hint of silver. Both shirts use Nike’s Aeroswift technology and will be available to purchase in two versions for supporters.

New Chelsea Home Top 17 18

6 thoughts on “New Chelsea Nike Kit 2017-2018 | CFC Home & Away Jerseys 17-18

  1. Geoff

    Eh, nothing special but nothing to complain about.

    The away kit looks white in the promotional pictures but it’s actually pale grey (if you look at it in the online store for instance).

  2. Szin

    I may hate Nike with a burning passion and the blurbs here are as vapid as owt (taking inspiration from the 70s home kit? Any plain blue shirt is reminiscent of that!) but they’re… okay. Keep it simple, stupid. I have a soft spot for palette-swapped away kits too so that gets some bonus points.

  3. bob

    Don’t mind it, very traditional. The white stripe down the shorts makes it look really retro.

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