New Liverpool Home Kit 15-16- LFC Home Top 2015-2016

This is the new Liverpool home kit 2015/16, Liverpool FC’s new 2015/2016 home strip. The new kit, made by New Balance, was officially unveiled on 10th April, 2015. New Balance are the reincarnated version of Warrior, who supplied kits to the Reds last year.

The kit, in the words of New Balance, is inspired by the fans.

It features a “chequerboard pattern inspired by the red and white mosaic formed when supporters on the Kop hoist aloft their Liverpool flags and scarves on a matchday”

Raheem Sterling is in the promotional shots to model the new Liverpool kit, indicating that the Reds do see him as a part of their future.

The design of the shirt roughly matches that of the leaked ones posted on this site a few months ago.

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Liverpool New Balance Kit 2015 16

New Liverpool Home Kit 15 16

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10 thoughts on “New Liverpool Home Kit 15-16- LFC Home Top 2015-2016

  1. Sean

    Somehow, it doesn’t scream “come and get me”

    Also “Make Excellent Happen” ? The folks who devised the slogan at NB didn’t bother much for grammar it seems.

  2. KitCritic

    When I saw the leaks I was quite disappointed, but they look much better in person.I’m not too sure on the collar, as at the end of the day it’s actually an oval shape. 7/10

  3. Tony

    That fourth picture showing the sleeves doesnt seem quite right. Anyhow it works. The collar is nice

  4. HoochUK

    Chequered pattern across top meant to represent the Kop end I think….collar is bland and as will all kits, would look so much better without the corporate logo. When will suppliers allow customers to opt out of having sponsorship logos?

  5. Jonny

    Even as a Liverpool fan I don’t like it. Looks like last season’s kit but less detail and I hate that yellow colour. Also when are they finally going to put the modern badge back on the kit?

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