Leaked Liverpool Kit 15/16- Liverpool New Balance Shirts Leak 2015/2016

Click here for pics of the official new Liverpool home kit- released 10 April, 2015

A pic has emerged on social media claiming to be Liverpool’s New Balance 2015/16 home kit. The design somewhat matches earlier leaks on the internet, with the jersey supposedly having chequered squares and vertical lines, and being compared by some online to Man Utd’s Gingham design from not too long ago

The mocked up leaks and this jersey picture may not be 100% accurate (for example the picture contains a collar but the actual one is rumoured NOT to have one), but they do give a pretty decent idea of what Liverpool’s new jerseys for next season will look like.

Leaked Liverpool Home Kit 15 16

New Balance Liverpool Jersey Leaked 2015 2016

Leaked Liverpool Shirts 2016

11 thoughts on “Leaked Liverpool Kit 15/16- Liverpool New Balance Shirts Leak 2015/2016

  1. chris

    god… really liverpool? new balance?
    so hard to get with umbro, nike or puma?
    poor design, poor company for a big club.
    the fans will pay for it.

  2. Big Red

    New Balance are Warrior re-branded anyway I’m severely disapointed as a Liverpool fan for god sake copying Utds tea towel shirts now infuriating and we make it worse by only having a little bit of it and stripes the rest of the way.

  3. ZSLFC

    When will it be released hopefully new balance will shock us with the quality of the kit
    (They won’t)

  4. Clayts

    Our two supposed “contract rebels” have obviously seen it and don’t want to be wearing it

  5. Cee_4our

    I for one, after seeing the original pic.. I’m so so in love with the design, I know now most of y’all are too. I’m getting one, surely! #YNWA

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