Leaked Newcastle Kit 15-16- NUFC Home Away Third Shirts

These are reportedly the new Newcastle United tops for 2015/16, after images of the same appeared on social media.

Again, whether or not these are 100% legit will only be confirmed when the kits are officially revealed, but these may give us a rough idea of colours and designs. One of the designs for instance, uses the Puma Swerve template, one that’s been seen in a fair number of Puma kit releases for 2015, leading to speculation that these may indeed be fairly legit

NUFC Leaked Home Top 2015 16

NUFC Leak Away Kit 2015 16

NUFC Third Strip Leak 15 16

10 thoughts on “Leaked Newcastle Kit 15-16- NUFC Home Away Third Shirts

  1. JonLCFC

    Really like the home and third kits, the away one is a throwback to the 90s (and not in a good way)

  2. Russel1311

    I think that third shirt might actually be one of newcastle’s stupid ‘members’ shirts – the type that gets worn for one pre-season friendly and is never seen again…

  3. Tony

    The away kit doesnt seem to fit the general vibe of the others. It’s strange but i guess it works

  4. KitCritic

    Why are all three kits mainly white? Away against Spurs and Swansea, will they just wear their home or away? Nothing too special from PUMA.
    Home Kit 8/10
    Away Kit 5/10
    Third Kit 6.5/10

  5. Pete

    Home 8/10 – classic
    2nd – 7.5/10 – not everyones cup of tea but interesting
    3rd- 9.5/10 – very nice 🙂

  6. MAP

    I think the 3rd shirt is actually a training shirt.
    Doubt it will be a members shirt as it lacks the gold badge that the 4 previous ones had. Definitely has a training shirt vibe to it.

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