New Leicester Away Kit 2013-14 Grey Foxes Puma Shirt

This is the new LCFC away kit 2013/14, Leicester City’s new away shirt for the forthcoming Championship season. The new Foxes shirt was revealed by the club on 27 July, 2013 and they will be sporting a grey strip as their primary change kit this season. The goalie kit will be blue in colour, as this pic below tells us

New LCFC Away Kit 2013 14

13 thoughts on “New Leicester Away Kit 2013-14 Grey Foxes Puma Shirt

  1. Sevillista

    Sean :
    The badge looks so high up on the shirt that it’s almost not visible.

    It’s Puma, what did you expect?

  2. Akmed

    i think that is one of the few times the colours and the over-used template actually works

  3. karen creber

    puma have produced some really tacky templates this season,two horrible kits for Leicester.

  4. James

    Nothing wrong with these shirts!! Template is over used yes but both kits are decent versions of it! Bad kits look no further than poor Sheffield united! terrible macron kits!!! Plus on this arsenal nike thing (which I don’t care about) nike kits have been dull this season!!!

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