New Barnsley Away Kit 2013/14 Nike- Blue Barnsley FC Shirt 13/14

This is the new Barnsley away kit 2013/14, Championship outfit Barnsley’s new away shirt for the forthcoming 13/14 season. The Tykes will wear an all blue strip on the road for this season, as the pics below will tell you. CK Beckett are principal front of the shirt sponsors, with Hayselden appearing on the back

Thanks again to Matt

New Barnsley Away Kit 2013 14

New Blue Barnsley Shirt 13 14

24 thoughts on “New Barnsley Away Kit 2013/14 Nike- Blue Barnsley FC Shirt 13/14

  1. Charles

    Yes, it’s a template and yes a lot of clubs have this. But the combination of colours makes it look smart and keeping the sponsor within the stripe looks good.

  2. Monte

    I don’t mind this layout. Get used to seeing this template from Nike get overused in short order though.

  3. Akmed

    i think nike were confused when people said about that the sponsor should be over to the right a bit and going over the stripe

  4. MattyP

    The shirt actually looks really good! Gonna be a bit weird for the fans of teams like Charlton, Middlesbrough, Forest and Doncaster (as Barnsley are gonna wear this kit when they travel to these teams) as they have to get used to looking at a weird sponsor location.

  5. dan

    I like it, yeah its a template but at least they’ve mixed it up and tried something different with the sponsor.

  6. random matt

    template and colour scheme is quality, the sponser however will be a bit niffed with how they have placed it on the kit, they will consider it money wasted for advertising

  7. karen creber

    agree,nice kit but the shirts spoiled by the odd sponsor placing,otherwise it would be top notch.

  8. Ureds

    the whole point of sponsoring a team is to get advertising and for people to nitice your company. ithink the company will be hapy with the location because its different and stands out, people will tilt there heads to read it, and more people will notice the sponsor and talk about the sponsor than if ity was just placed in the middle like every other shirt

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