New Port Vale Kit 2013/14- Sondico PVFC Home Shirt 13/14

This is the new Port Vale kit 13/14, Port Vale FC’s new home shirt for the forthcoming League One season. The new 13/14 PVFC home kit has been made by Sondico and was first shown in the club shop on July 23, 2013. The predominantly white top has an image of the Churchyard Works, Burslem on the back, as the pics below will tell you

The new Vale home kit is sponsored by GMB. Vale were in League Two last season but will compete in League One this season following promotion.

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Port Vale New Kit 2013 14

New Port Vale Kit 13 14 Churchyard Works

20 thoughts on “New Port Vale Kit 2013/14- Sondico PVFC Home Shirt 13/14

  1. Les Glum

    Crikey, at last – something with a bit of imagination !

    Well done Sondico / Port Vale , I’m liking the picture of the Churchyard works on the back of the shirt, I wonder how much can be seen of that if the shirt is tucked in the shorts ?

  2. CTFC14

    It doesn’t look like a football shirt.
    On the front it looks like a ralph lauren shirt and on the back it looks like a holiday shirt
    Another crap kit by sondico

  3. JonLCFC

    It just doesn’t look like a football shirt! It looks like one of those ‘club manufactured’ casual shirts that clubs sometimes sell. Odd

  4. king

    just remember, it is the club who say how they want the shirt, not Sondico.
    Sondico just do what the cklub wants…this shirt started up as a very complicaded design, then they, themself took it all away….hope you understand the word..personalized.

  5. PvfcJ

    The photo resembles Burslem and Josiah Wedgwood famous Potter., We also have a kit which is Wedgwood blue, and we have the Old Vale badge now which you can see on the kit, that is why we have gone for the plain white T because that is traditional Port Vale Colors, So personally i think this is a good kit

  6. Eric

    Nice, just plaine white.
    Not shure about that backprint… looks like you’ve shit yourself.

  7. Les Glum

    It’s just a plain white shirt, be careful not to be snobby just because it’s Sondico. if it was Man U with a plain white Nike shirt and a photo of Old Trafford on the backside , everyone would be applauding them for their innovative design.

    Everyone complains about the same old templates, Puma, Adidas etc so lets try and be more open minded when a smaller club tries something different.

    I must say however that the sponsor looks as if it was put on by the local “t shirt” printing shop.

  8. jonno

    i very very ill fitting top cheap looking even worse than the yellow away 1 with a picture of a church on the back?vale have had a lot of nice kits in the past but not this time i 4 1 deffo wont be buying it .make u look a bit of a pleb wearing that excuse 4 a football top .love the badge shame about the rest

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