New Fenerbahce Kits 13-14 Adidas Fenerbahce SK Jerseys 2013-2014 Home Away Third

These are the new Fenerbahce kits 2013/14, Turkish club Fenerbahce SK’s new home, away and third jerseys for the forthcoming Superlig season. The new Fenerbahce kits have been made by Adidas and were officially unveiled on July 24, 2013 by the club, ahead of the club’s friendly game against PSV Eindhoven

Thanks to xJiXsaw and jawkerx on twitter

Fenerbahce Shirt 13 14

New Fenerbahce Jersey 2013 14

Fenerbahce Shirt

Fenerbahce Away Kit 2013 2014

New Fenerbahce Shirts

21 thoughts on “New Fenerbahce Kits 13-14 Adidas Fenerbahce SK Jerseys 2013-2014 Home Away Third

  1. Hawkerx

    Shitty shitty shitty shitty shitty. Enough adidas and kigılı we hate yours. We want puma or nike

  2. shane

    why do they have the turkish badge over the heart where the club crest should be, would look better if they flipped it or had the club badge over the heart or moved the adidas logo to the left and put the country badge in the center like italy do, nice kits though

  3. xJiXsaw

    After a long partnership with Adidas, Fenerbahce should sign a agreement with Nike. This seasons’ kits are very bad looking, a lot of fans are disapointed, me too 🙁 Thanks for sharing this though 🙂

  4. roger

    All three of ruin, the colors faded. Turk Telekom logo in the foreground, it’s too bad. Totally enjoyed such a legendary football club Fenerbahce

  5. Gil

    weird.. but very cool!!!!! I haven’t seen adidas made this template to another team’s nad that’s why those three look a bit special. But I thought the home one is like juventus’ home 2 years ago..

  6. skeel hart

    fantastic (all 3)
    @Hawkerx: u must be kiddin, adidas is the best kit maker; nike and puma do not just match its standards (look at what has happened to galatasaray and greece, just the two as examples, they now have HORRIBLE kits), and am not talkin abt liverpool, we ALL know what happened….!!!!

  7. Eric

    Why are their away shirts always with dark blue, yellow and white?
    Not much original. Would not buy these shirts as a fan.
    Come on Adidas, you can do way more original and better.

  8. Sinan

    Also, they actually look very nice, its just that the camera used to take these photos was a camera from the 19th century.

  9. Monte

    I don’t like the fading on the main kit, liked last years kit better, but for me, I don’t mind these kits overall.

  10. WeisserStein

    Actually it is not Adidas’s fault. One of the Fenerbahce’s men in charge has a clothing company. He is also the owner of Adidas’s Turkey branch. And he decides the style of the jerseys, Adidas Turkey just produce them. He loves that kind of shining things, never design plain things for Fenerbahce.

  11. luka

    The fenerbache kits are always good just got the away one, hope they are in fifa14 does any one know?

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