New Stoke City Home Kit 2010-11 Adidas

Along with announcing their new kit deal with Adidas, Stoke City’s new kit was officially unveiled on May 2, 2010 ( Sunday) at the Player-Of-the-Year Stadium Show.

Stoke’s new shirt deal has attracted a fair bit of attention because the club will only be having its traditional red and white stripes on the front as per the agreement with Adidas. The back of the shirt will not contain the stripes and will be plain.

Adidas’ Climacool technology will be used in the new Stoke strip.

Here are pictures of Stoke’s new home strip.

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Stoke Home Shirt 2010

Stoke Adidas Plain Back

Stoke Home Shorts

18 thoughts on “New Stoke City Home Kit 2010-11 Adidas

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  2. Mick Fitzpatrick

    No, no, no, no.

    What are you doing, where has the tradition gone, the back looks like Man U scum home shirt

  3. Stu H

    Bad sign off the future if the one thing that makes us stand out proud is our stripes. Just what was the board thinking off to agree to this. would it have been that difficult to have stripes on the back. Instead we now have a liverpool kit with a stoke city front.

  4. Football Kit News Post author

    The board had to go without stripes at the back because Adidas did not have a design available that incorporated stripes at the back.

    It is certainly not a decision most supporters will like, but the board has said that the agreement has a clause wherein Adidas could go back to the old striped design in the future.


    Its a fantastic move in the right direction for the club…..Ok,so its 12 months without a striped back…..
    At the end of the day I would rather have a kit with the 3adidas stripes on it,than a kit with a chicken on it….

  6. Danny Budd

    Sunderland also have red/white stripes.. I am a Stoke fan through and through.. But you gotta admit.. the new kit is “the sex”.. They have mixed it up and made changes.. its cool, fresh and new.. I’m LOVING the new goalie strip aswell!

    But seriously.. If you dont like it, DONT BUY IT.. If you do.. THEN BUY IT!.. Either way, the Stoke squad are and will be wearing it!

  7. rob

    i cant see why people are complaing about no stripes on the back. If you look at the history of the club we TRADITONALLY played in red and blue stripes so who cares if it aint got no stripes on the back. I for one love it and will be buying it.

  8. liam reeves

    this is a shit top that looks like the shity man u top come on stoke you can do better at making kits

  9. bradley wild

    that top is alright red nd white u cant beat it the colours of the mighty potters.
    The top is the same as last yera but the make was le coq sportif addiads is a better make of course. I originaly think that the top is better than last season hope we av a good season next season nd we all know who will be top goal scorer next season………..FULLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. stoke city fan

    this is better than the liverpool top cuz people from the potteries will be wearing it, an in my opinion its 1 of the nicest strips weve ever had, good luck for 2010/11 stoke COME ON!!!!

  11. Stoke for lyf

    good choice 2 ave adidas as kit maker but bad idea 2ave all red on bk

    COME ON STOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Tony

    liam reeves :
    this is a shit top that looks like the shity man u top come on stoke you can do better at making kits

    You do know it’s not actually Stoke that make the kit…it’s Adidas, that’s why it’s got their name on it.

  13. kie

    i dnt see why ppl are moaning, its not like liverpool or man u at all. yh they could of done stripes on the back but THEY DIDN’T so get over it.

    STILL……….. COME ON POTTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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