New SAFC Top 2013/14- Adidas Sunderland Home Kit 13-14

This is the new Sunderland home strip for 2013/2014, SAFC’s new home kit for the forthcoming Premier League season. The Black Cats’ new 13/14 home uniform has been made by Adidas and was officially unveiled on July 3, 2013. The club’s 2013/14 away kit was released last month. The red and white striped shirt features a v-neck and is paired with black shorts and socks, as can be seen in the pics below

BIDVEST are again the principal sponsors of SAFC’s new home jersey. The goalie shirt, which can also be seen below, is light green in colour.

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New SAFC Home Kit 13 14

New Sunderland Home Kit 13 14

SAFC Home Shorts 2013 14

New Sunderland Home Socks 2013 2014

15 thoughts on “New SAFC Top 2013/14- Adidas Sunderland Home Kit 13-14

  1. Alex

    Not a great-looking sponsor. Unoriginal as usual, probably needs more black. The away kit is better

  2. Michael

    Thats a pretty nice kit to be fair, but what were they thinking when they stuck on the badge? The positioning is terrible, clearly just done this way so they can keep the adidas logo prominent in the middle.

  3. jrmy

    the home kit doesnt look bad at all. Looks nice but the sponsor isnt great. good overall. GK kit is a nice colour 🙂

  4. little-leeMUFC

    I quite like it I was expecting a red and white version of west broms away kit let’s hope stoke don’t get a similar design now

  5. n r t

    i actually like this….i had visions of this being a similar template to WBA’s away kit…and luckily it’s not…..adidas have done a decent job here…..certainly better than the away kit, which i hate..the other posters are right about the sponsor but it does’nt jump off the front of the shirt anyway so it doesn’t effect the overall look of the kit

  6. Dan

    i love the effect on the sleeves. Looks good. I agree with most people who criticize the sponsor.

  7. Paul

    I like it, preferred last years, but still quite nice….no idea what they were doing with the badge though. It’s like some blind mentalist has just threw it at the shirt and wherever it landed – was good enough.

  8. karen creber

    not to good……………last seasons home shirt much better than this over fusy effort.

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