New Sunderland Strip 13-14- Yellow SAFC Away Kit 2013-2014 Adidas

This is the new Sunderland away kit 13/14, Sunderland AFC’s new change strip for the forthcoming 2013/14 season. The new SAFC away top has been made by Adidas and was officially unveiled on June 13, 2013 by the Black Cats. The strip consists of a predominantly yellow top paired with navy shorts and features “Bidvest” as principal sponsors

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New Sunderland Strip 13 14

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27 thoughts on “New Sunderland Strip 13-14- Yellow SAFC Away Kit 2013-2014 Adidas

  1. kel

    don’t Sunderland wear black home socks ? am i the only one thinking that another pair of away socks will have to be released as the dark blue will clash with if the home ones do ?!!! apart from that i think it’s a really nice shirt, better than last seasons away

  2. n r t

    not what i expected and until i realised the trim is blue and not black…i thought watford….
    sorry SAFC but this is a no from me….genric and bland. at least it doesn’t have the water wings like stoke and middlesborough’s away kits…that’s all it’s got going for it!
    i just hope the home kit is better……

  3. Sean

    Once again, dislike the bits on the side- the second pic in particular makes it look very bad.

  4. Carl

    Sean: Once again, dislike the bits on the side- the second pic in particular makes it look very bad.

    Agree totally. Apart from that red (pink?) flash it’s a reasonable kit. That extra trim mucks it up.

  5. karen creber

    run of the mill adiddas template again,be nice if adiddas used the origionals range treefoil emblem and went back to there roots……… a word the new kit is bland.

  6. SAFC

    Well here we go again – the same adidas stripes down the side (why can’t they change it for once?!)

    But that’s not the problem, the orange and blue down the side is a joke and I hate the colour of the kit – who has a yellow kit except Watford?, goalkeepers wear yellow! This is a total copy off the Watford Home Kit.

    I thought adidas would have some good ideas for kits and would be better than umbro at kit designing but there worse! I much prefer the 2012/13 away kit to this one.

    Overall, I hate the kit and if I was to give it a mark out of ten I would give it a 3/10. I really dislike it that much and I expected so much more!

    Its going to look embarrassing when we play in this next season when the flies attack the players in the sun because of the yellow shirts – remember what happened to Mignolet 1 or 2 seasons ago when he got attacked by flies in the sun and he had to change his strip at Half Time? WHY YELLOW ADIDAS?

    Anyway, I hope the Home Kit is better because I am very disappointed with this strip released today – thought it was an edited one at first because it looked that bad. I will still buy it because the club need the money even though I don’t like it.

    Thanks – From an unhappy Sunderland Fan!

  7. Suze

    Was really looking forward to the unveiling of the new kit …thought maybe a bit of Italian influence might even add some style …am sooo disappointed. It’s awful. Yellow is never good for a start but the whole thing is just awful 🙁

  8. n r t

    SAFC you don’t have to buy it! the club is benefiting more than enough from premier league deals sky tv etc.
    buying an overpriced poorly designed away shirt isn’t necessary.
    did anyone at SUNDERLAND really think this kit was a good idea! once again i hope (and pray) the home kit is better than this! FTM

  9. skeel hart

    it is a wonderful kit. just the best….. whoever is complaining about it must have a look at what umbro was doing previously to sunderland

  10. n r t

    the safc umbro kits (especially the home kits) were very smart……adidas kits are generic and bland…..look at n*******e’s long line of adidas home and away monstrosities…..


    Looks alright, not great, not worth £45. without those randon red bit’s it would be better, Adidas are lazy if your teams not within the top ten in the world and they make your kit’s. Still better than Warriors efforts though.

  12. imthedaddy

    this season i hope you achieve what you deserve 4 a change …. and next season you’ll be playing in a league you belong in.the championship you utter losers you just make up the numbers in whatever league your in scummy c**nts

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