New Manchester United Home Kit 13-14- Nike Man Utd Home Shirt 2013-2014

This is the new Manchester United home kit 13/14, Premier League champions Man Utd’s new home strip for the forthcoming 2013/2014 season. The new Man Utd strip has been made by Nike and was officially unveiled on June 5, 2013

The new top sees a return to the black collar and features a subtle tonal grey-and black-gingham check under it. The collar features three buttons on the front and one at the back to represent the City of Manchester’s sense of style.

The strip is sponsored by AON and is here seen modelled by Tom Cleverley and his teammates.

New Manchester United Home Kit 13 14

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36 thoughts on “New Manchester United Home Kit 13-14- Nike Man Utd Home Shirt 2013-2014

  1. Tim

    Is it just like Englands new kit, but with a black collar? i guess it looks classy, but still abit plain.

  2. Zoran

    Im a huge united fan, i think this kit will grow on me but 12/13 ‘tea towel’ top is much better.

  3. madden

    what happen to nike this two year? just a plain shirt for every team?!! I’d prefer adidas design, even its simple they add some more feature on the jersey

  4. City are S**y

    It’s amazing it will look even better with the 2013/14 Champions league cup with it

  5. skeel hart

    i’d say red version of the france national team’s home kit…. nike disappoints yet again

  6. dazzer

    lets hope this is the shirt that will be the start of you winning f all for years with your new goggle eyed manager thats won f all in 11 years at everton why change the habit of a lifetime

  7. Matt Logan

    What’s the difference? At least we can take heart that their so-called “fans” are being ripped off

  8. dazzer

    complete utter shite your cockney fans will buy it all glory hunters not much support up north

  9. clev

    It’s cool bt ıt look more lıke last season no strıpes but colar… Let’s go 4 champıons league trophy

  10. Huso

    lol at you whingers. I’m not a Man United fan, but gotta admit this kit looks pretty nice. Nice simple design, black collar goes good with the red.

  11. little-leeMUFC

    And there go all the united haters success comes at a high price just ask chelsea and city lol at least we created our own success by rebuilding in the fergie era! Shirt is nice but nike seem to stick with similar templates for a few seasons they need to mix it up a bit

  12. karen creber

    nike could do a really decent job for united,simple red shirt with a white collar and cuffs,but alas for the second year they come up with something 5th rate…………..shame really.

  13. zoey

    i like it, considering its the man u kit, i didnt like last seasons, too much of a picnic blanket but this seasons top looks nice, i want west broms to have a collar like that. 🙂

  14. imthedaddy

    ripping of the fans yet again with a new kit every single year. just to pay the wages of a greedy bunch of overpaid wankers. the kits should have to be worn for at least two years so parents dont have to pay 30 quid every year for a top that costs 5 quid to make.utter piss take .

  15. Man Utd fan

    Classy kit as usual from Nike, looks even better than last year’s kit. Go MUFC!!!

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