New Aberdeen Kit 13-14- Adidas AFC Dons Home Strip 2013-2014

This is the new Aberdeen kit 2013/14, Scottish Premier League club Aberdeen FC’s new home top for the forthcoming 2013/2014 season. The Dons’ new strip was officially unveiled by kit partners Adidas on May 18, 2013, ahead of their league clash against Hearts

The Dons will be returning to an all red strip, as can be seen in the pics below. Team Recruitment are the principal sponsors of the new AFC 2013-14 strip.

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Aberdeen Home Top 2014

New Aberdeen Kit 13 14

New Aberdeen Strip 2013 14

22 thoughts on “New Aberdeen Kit 13-14- Adidas AFC Dons Home Strip 2013-2014

  1. michael Hogg

    Surprised that they did not have a strip similar to the one from when they won the European cup because it is the 30th anniversary

  2. Akmed

    Sean, loooool good comparison-very good. what is with this whole ‘v’ shape on the shirt it ruins the shirt

  3. farfalameux

    Looks identical to my actual club this year and I don’t like the fit, it’s too tight for me to tuck in and they aren’t very comfortable.

  4. Gandalf

    Michael, the 30tg anniversary isn’t a big thing haha! 25th or 50th fair enough! Nice kit

  5. Alex

    That’s a great strip. It’s quite cringe they have two stars though lulz but that’s still a cracking strip.

  6. dazzer

    why the 2 stars aberdeen are 100% shit r the 2 stars 4 winning a tin pot trophy in the worlds most boring league

  7. Andrew

    I fail to see what’s “cringe” or “tin pot” about having two stars to acknowledge winning the European Cup Winners Cup against Real Madrid or the European Super Cup against Hamburg

  8. TheFenian

    Dazzer an absolute clueless ****; he fails to recognize the facts. Aberdeen are an accomplished club. Oh, nice strip too. @Andrew

  9. Graham

    Celtic were the first British team to win the European Cup, Rangers won the Cup Winners Cup in 72 and were the first British team in a European final in 61 and Dundee United were in the UEFA Cup final in 87… shut it!

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