New Blackburn Rovers Third Shirt 2012/13- Umbro White BRFC 3rd Kit 2012/2013

This is the new Blackburn Rovers third kit 12/13, Championship outfit Blackburn Rovers’ new second alternate strip for the 2012/2013 season. Rovers’ new 3rd shirt has been made by Umbro and was officially unveiled by the club on July 24, 2012.

Rovers’ new 12/13 home kit and 2012/13 away jersey have already been released by the club.

As you can see in the pics below, Blackburn’s new third kit consists of a white shirt with blue pinstripes. Navy shorts and white socks complete the look of BRFC’s new 3rd kit.

Portuguese striker Nuno Gomes is here seen modelling the new Rovers third shirt.

New Blackburn Rovers Third Kit 2012/13

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35 thoughts on “New Blackburn Rovers Third Shirt 2012/13- Umbro White BRFC 3rd Kit 2012/2013

  1. michty

    Nice enough shirt, but could they not just have used any combination of the home/away shorts and socks rather than bring out a second pair of navy shorts and white socks?

  2. Sean

    This pic makes the away kit look even worse

    Honestly though Rovers, which fan is going to pay for two navy shorts and two white socks?

  3. littlelee-MUFC

    Looks like a template that you can get buy off the teamwear website, strange decision to have blue away kit and a white third kit when they will be playing the likes of Brighton in blue and white stripes does that mean s fourth kit will be added to the collection

  4. Love

    So blackburn go to the championship and decide that they must have three kits

    ps- danny loves the home kit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Luke Y

    That would mean them losing money. Never gonna happen even though it’s the sensible solution. I never knew Murphy had gone to Blackburn. Bloody hell.

  6. Dheano

    That is Leon Best.

    But I don’t see the point in a white change kit when the home kit is predominately white.. and the change shorts being different is just annoying and pointless, it’s as if clubs and kit manufacturers don’t listen to the fans anymore.

  7. Jay

    There are a lot of kits that don’t seem to have a sponsor at the moment. Is it like this every year? Do some teams just get them closer to the start of the season? or are some teams not having shirt sponsors this season?

  8. chris bramley

    i like the home kit as im not a fan of rovers kits with the red trims. away kit i neither like nor dislike, it just looks like any old umbro top from JD sports with the rose on it. the 3rd kit is very boring.

    although id rather have boring away and 3rd kits than the garish flourescent green and orange monstrosities we’ve had in the past.

  9. TheDoug

    So what happens when they play @ sheff wed and huddersfield who both play in blue and white stripes?

  10. Paulwall

    I think the 3rd kit is nice, but why dose it have to be wihte. But I like it either way.

  11. Ron

    Why bother? What team will they face where the blue away kit or white 3rd kit can be worn over a white and blue home kit. Money grubbing choice imo , shameless of the venkys…

  12. Charles 'Charlie' Charles

    me :@prm have you ever heard of instagram, grandpa?

    someone with no sense of humor trying to be funny. (which is funny)

  13. storyofalex

    It may not have a sponsor yet but that second kit has “unlucky” written all over it.

    Glad to see they’ve not messed about with the home kit though, still one of the greats.

  14. irritatingMEOWZ!


  15. ejl

    they need a 4th kit for games against Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday (And Wigan if they play in the FA Cup)

  16. Kurt

    ejl :
    they need a 4th kit for games against Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday (And Wigan if they play in the FA Cup)

    Wigan? Wigans Home shirt is Dark Blue, so we would wear either the Home or 3rd shirt..and their away Shirt is Black, so we would still wear our home shirt..

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