New VFL Wolfsburg Away Jersey 2012/13- Adidas Wolfsburg Shirt 12/13

After the release of their stunning home jersey a few months back, German Bundesliga outfit Wolfsburg’s new 2012/13 season away jersey is now out. The new Wolfsburg away shirt has also been made by Adidas and was officially unveiled on July 17, 2012.

This Wolfsburg away kit, like the home one, has the Wolf imprinted on it. Predominantly white in colour with green Adidas stripes, the away top is sponsored by Volkswagen. It uses Adidas’ revolutionary ClimaCool technology.

New VFL Wolfsburg Jersey 12/13

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16 thoughts on “New VFL Wolfsburg Away Jersey 2012/13- Adidas Wolfsburg Shirt 12/13

  1. Chris

    I know the name of the club is Wolfsburg but there’s no need for the outline of a wolf at the bottom of the shirt and it’s a nice kit but the outline of a wolf ruins it all!

  2. ethan

    why with the wolf, i know wolfsburg is there name but it just ruins this kit because i like it apart from that, i think it would have looked better if the put a little print of the wolf on the bck of the collar instead, or even put th wolf on the back but please! not the front!

  3. ABC 123

    Wouldn’t logik dictate SV Hamburg putting a quarter pounder on theres…? Whats that Lassie, you support Hibs !!

  4. hanifrevano

    The only thing ruin the kit is the black bit and the green line across the chest…. the wolf is great

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