New Tottenham Kit 2012/2013- Under Armour Spurs Jerseys 12/13 Home Away THFC

These are the new Tottenham Hotspur kits 2012/2013, English Premier League club Tottenham’s new home and away playing strips for the 12/13 season. Tottenham’s new 2012/2013 kits have been made by Under Armour and were officially unveiled by the club on July 12, 2012. Spurs finished 4th in the 2011/12 Premier League season but missed out on the Champions League because of Chelsea’s triumph against FC Bayern Munchen.

Spurs’ new 2012/13 home kit, as you’d expect from the Lilywhites, is all white in colour. Want away midfielder Luka Modric is also present in the photo, albeit at the back and not so prominently as one might have expected him to figure if he was to be a key player under new coach Andre Villas-Boas.

Both home and away kits match the description of their leaked photos.

Both home and away THFC jerseys for 2012/2013 are sponsored by Aurasma.

Tottenham Hotspur Home Kit 2013

Tottenham Team Photo Kit 2012

Tottenham Under Armour Soccer Jersey 2013

Under Armour Tottenham Away Kit 12 13

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39 thoughts on “New Tottenham Kit 2012/2013- Under Armour Spurs Jerseys 12/13 Home Away THFC

  1. Football Kit News Post author

    Probably for release on a later date it seems.

    Maybe with a marquee signing 😉

  2. Mooqs

    Look at these mugs trying to turn into super saiyans as their ambitions are to finish above us GOONERS every year and they fail to hahahaha… MUGS!

  3. said

    are you sure? i’m sure next season spurs will have better position than arsenal, goodbye rvp and arsenal is GOING DOWN hahaha @Mooqs

  4. bruce

    spurs last trophy was in 2008, and arsenal??? are wenger think that 3rd position is same as trophy? hahaha. remember this “7 years and still counting”

  5. sickmick

    whats with dawson giving his team mate a hand shandy and i didnt know they’d signed the bloke from LMFAO

  6. wolfeman

    very nice kits, just dont like the blue goalie kit and blue shorts on the home would look better.

  7. Mr John

    gooner boy 1981 :
    @Mr John
    we don’t need to ‘remember’ finishing above Spurs, we just take it as read….

    1981 eh? That’ll be another year we won a trophy in. Easy to remember because it happens on a regular basis. How about you? Tell us about Arsenal in the 70s? Or the last few years? Feel free to use the word “fail” a lot.

  8. Luke

    Yeah but t least we have a shirt to be proud of wearing unlike Arsenals new away shirt, Purple and black then you keepers in pink … Its Arsenal in the joke next year just for what your wearing

  9. johnny

    Horrible home kit! The away is just okay…

    Puma was much better for Spurs.
    Whats with these American kit sponsors now with the Prem? American takeover haha you’ll soon be wearing baseball caps

  10. gooner boy 1981

    70s? FAILed not to win the double in 71, FAILed not to win the cup in 79….80s? FAILed not to win the title 88/89…more recently FAILed not to win the Premiership three times since its inception. thats some pretty decent ‘fail’….

    @Mr John

  11. Gooner

    I think having not won the league since 1961 is much more of a fail than 7 years without a trophy.

  12. skherlo

    They’re not inspiring for personal purchase, but as a group on the field they’re clean. They keep with the history of the club; simply white and blue. Away is better than last year’s purple craziness, I prefer last year’s home on 2 fronts; blue shorts and no line down the shoulder. I’d prefer Puma or Nike for styling reasons but hey, at least they didn’t end up with Arsenal’s.

  13. Jesse

    The home kit looks much better than I did in the leaks…… I actually like it. I really like the look of the away kit

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