Leaked New Tottenham Kits 2012-2013- Under Armour Spurs Away Third Goalkeeper Shirts 12-13

See pictures of Spurs’ new 2012/2013 home and away jerseys- unveiled July 12, 2012

These are what are said to be the new Tottenham Hotspur 2012/2013 kits, the away, third and goalkeeper jerseys for English club Tottenham Hotspur for the 2012/13 season. Spurs finished fourth in the 2011/12 Premier League behind Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal. Spurs’ new 2012-13 kits have a new manufacturer in the form of American manufacturer Under Armour ( who also outfit the Welsh Rugby team) after the Lilywhites parted company with Puma.

These leaked designs of Tottenham’s away, third and goalkeeper kits for 2012/13 first appeared in an Under Armour promotional video on Youtube. The video has since been made private, but the designs were quickly leaked out on the internet.

As per these leaked Spurs 12-13 jersey designs, the away kit is navy in colour, the third shirt for THFC will be a black/grey mix while the goalie top will be yellow in colour.

Edit- another leaked pic

Spurs Away Kit 2013 Leaked

Leaked Tottenham Kit 2013

Under Armour Tottenham Shirt Leaked

Leaked Spurs Jersey 2012

24 thoughts on “Leaked New Tottenham Kits 2012-2013- Under Armour Spurs Away Third Goalkeeper Shirts 12-13

  1. bob

    Find it hard to believe that the 3rd kit would have white in it – it never has – and the whole point of them having a 3rd kit is when other teams like wigan play in blue and white – so doubt that can be real

  2. Mr French

    What has happened to football??? Everyone seems to be jumping on the American bandwagon… Although this kit looks nice, it’s no ADIDAS… ADIDAS IS FOOTBALL… Nike makes the worlds ugliest kits… Umbro is almost nonexistent, and all the rest are just that… All the rest… ADIDAS FOREVER!!! Oh well, they can’t always be CHELSEA!!! The champions of Europe…

  3. Cwawaf

    Everyone goes on about Adidas, they always do those 3 stripes on everyone’s kit every season. Chelsea and Liverpool’s kits have just looked like red and blue versions of each other for ages now. (Apart from now since Warrior Sports are Liverpool’s new kit maker)

  4. Mr French

    Matter of opinion i guess… I just think that those 3 stripes are very uniform and can add a nice touch if done right… Case in point, when Adidas was making the French shirts, they incorporated the 3 colors of the French flag within those 3 stripes… My personal opinion is that the best shirt made by Adidas for Chelsea was the 09/10 shirt… Remember that one??? The shirt itself was fitted… If you have nice arms and a decent looking chest, it looked amazing when you put it on… I always get complements when i wear it…

  5. Taat

    looks shit, i agree bring back adidas, who the f*ck wants under armour or puma? for once spurs should get a good kit maker

  6. alvin

    yooo dumb asses……if u support spurs..what ever brand of jerseys we wear dont matter…wat matter is u we support the team.

  7. Markos

    Fake – Autonomy isn’t the sponsor – it’s Aurasma for domestic games and Investec for Cup as was the case last year…shame though, quite like them otherwise! That said, sod the kit, what about getting a decent manager in…..and quick! Sort it Levy. COYS

  8. ben

    well i think thay look shit and maybe next year thay might take the fans idear as thay have more of a clue what looks good….!!!!

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