New Chelsea Away Jersey 2012-2013- White Adidas Chelsea Kit 12-13

This is the new Chelsea away kit 2012/2013, reigning European champions Chelsea FC’s new away jersey for the 2012/13 season. Chelsea’s new 2012/13 jersey has been made by Adidas and was officially unveiled on June 7, 2012. Chelsea’s new 12/13 home kit and the CFC home goalie kit for 2012/13 had already been released a couple of months back.

As you can see from the pictures below, Chelsea’s new 2013 away top is primarily white in colour and has a light blue diagonal flash. Adidas have gone for a v-neck creation for this Chelsea jersey, which will use the kit maker’s revolutionary Dri-Fit technology.

The jersey is paired with white shorts and blue socks and will be worn for the first time when Chelsea take on the MLS All Stars on July 25 in Philadelphia.

Electronics major Samsung is again the principal sponsor of this white CFC away kit for 12/13.

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New Chelsea Away Kit 2013

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51 thoughts on “New Chelsea Away Jersey 2012-2013- White Adidas Chelsea Kit 12-13

  1. gerrard

    what the f**king kit is that…its like the germany kit…chelsea has no idea….liverpool more better….

  2. HHRedd

    If the blue streak wasn’t on the jersey, it’d be a sweet kit; thus, what was adidas thinking???

  3. Wa**er

    Make the blue flash orange or a better colour and you’d have a better shirt.

    I think the Adidas designer was brushing his teeth in the morning while thinking of a colour to go on the top.

  4. chelsea#1

    Where is Liverpool again… there not in one cup next year… and your jerseys are trash there made by warrior after Adidas realized how bad liverpool was @Gerrard

  5. Chelseaforever

    Liverfools jersey looks like a joke. Red and yellow, almost looking like a traffic light. Pathetic cheap design, unlike Chelsea’s

  6. james

    looks alot like liverpools blue kit of last season or season before cant remember liverpools kits are way nicer

  7. Mr French

    Chelsea do have the best kits in the prems… I’ll have this one as well… Brilliant…


    it looks like somebody has put a ribon around the shirt,but it wasnt long enough. otherwise good

  9. Ball Sacks

    This kit looks disgusting. Looks like the kits offered by sydney fc or someother a-league. I prefer the previous kits.

  10. Mr French

    City rhymes with shitty!!! They win a premier title and suddenly everyone’s a city fan… Hey everyone, the city bandwagon is just about full…

  11. Dave C

    So it looks like you can all support Chelski AND Man City now?
    At least that gives you decent odds on winning the title? 😛

  12. Mr French

    Realise this… CHELSEA are the CHAMPIONS of Europe… Regardless of how you feel… No matter how jealous you are… No matter how big a hater you are… You have numb skulls on this site dissing the CHAMPIONS and supporting a middle of the road, 8th place team… Unbelievable… Somebody get these b*tches a tissue so they can dry all those tears up… Or just kill yourselves… Ha!!!

  13. Stephen

    Take away that blue strip and even I would admit that would b a bloody gorgeous kit. And I can’t stand Chelski (Reading fan)

  14. Mr French

    Hey nara, tell that to those two time losers Barcelona… If Chelsea are such ladies, than what does that say for Bayern as well… CHELSEA ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!

  15. gooner boy1981

    this is a football kit? it looks more like the official costume of the next ‘GAY PRIDE’ parade!!! look out for them skipping hand in hand down the Kings Road later this autumn…GROSS!!!

  16. Mr French

    People like gooner boy like to make comments on other peoples clubs, but has anyone noticed that he doesn’t reveal which club he supports… Probably Nottingham or West Ham… Or some other S#*T club… He has Premiere club envy… Pretty much like p#*is envy… Wanker!!!

  17. gooner boy 1981

    @Mr French
    all YOU do is comment on other peoples clubs, you hypocritical ‘dope’. i support Arsenal obviously – a small clue for ya….’GOONER’….man your dumb, or not English…oh thats right, your half American-half SurrenderMonkey so you didn’t get the reference…Wanker!!! you have such S#*T clubs in USA/France you have to support a team (the gaylords) from MY GREAT CITY. now…what was that you were about envy……?

  18. Vince

    If everybody can keep giving Chelsea negative nicknames because of your spiteful jealousy cause Chelsea won the FA and Champions League titles, but when for instance Man United win it, we just keep quiet and let it go, I guess I can return the gesture. So to all the bitches, Arse & Anal, Looserfool, Tosserham Spuds and the 2 Gay Wankchester clubs supporters, at least Chelsea show some creativity and variety! To the bunch of Anfield fans..your’s is……black……AGAIN. I’m not even gonna waste my time talking about all the other clubs! I like this new Chelsea away kit, its something different, looks great!

  19. Dzulfadli Afiq

    modern design !! I love it <3 and at the 3 strips has a tone .. so beautiful

  20. Wes

    Liverpool crap choose kit from ages ago, Liverpool suck, and by the way what did we win this year I think Champions League and FA cup, oh yeah that was against Liverpool as well, and what did you win the
    Stupid dum carling cup amazing!!!!!

  21. pfcsteve

    if anyone is interested i’m doing a sky sports fantasy league( it’s free to enter just register with sky sports fantasy football) the league is called serie z and the pin is 8000385. all welcome apart from that c#nt mr french

  22. Yao amenyo

    I luv this new away kits, it’s modern and fashionable. Hope it brings us luck in the coming season…… is de colour!

  23. Genius

    I was brought up a city fan and will die a city fan

    Is it just me or does everyone’s away kit have sky blue

    If so its clear why as that is the coulor of champions

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