New Wigan Athletic Kit 2012-2013- Mi-Fit Wigan Home Shirt 12-13

This is the new Wigan Athletic kit 2012/13, Wigan Athletic’s new home shirt for the 12-13 season. Wigan’s new 2012/2013 strip has been made by Mi-Fit and was officially unveiled by the Latics on 11 May, 2012. Mi-Fit’s design for the new Wigan home top sees a return to blue and white stripes for Roberto Martinez’s men, who produced a string of amazing results towards the end of the 2011/12 season to stay up in the league.

The adult version of Wigan Athletic’s new shirt costs £39.99 and is sponsored by 12Bet. The shirt is a throwback to Wigan’s first kit as a Premier League club and has a plain rear.

The new Wigan 2012/13 jersey will be worn by the Latics when they take on Wolves this weekend ( May 13, 2012) in their final league game of the 11/12 season.

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Here are some pics of WAFC’s new 2012/13 jersey.

New Wigan Kit 12-13

Mi Fit Wigan Athletic Home Shirt 2012 2013

Wigan Soccer Jersey 2012

17 thoughts on “New Wigan Athletic Kit 2012-2013- Mi-Fit Wigan Home Shirt 12-13

  1. Jonesy

    I’m liking the fact weve gone back to stripes although i did like the 11/12 seasons kit as it look similar to the home strip of 1990.

    I would have prefered the new strip to have a collar and definitely white socks as opposed to blue. The shorts dont seem to be the same colour of blue as the shirt but hopefully this is just the picture. Im sure it’ll look good on the lads in our 8th season in the premier league this summer! WAFC

  2. Jon

    I thought Wigan were goners at one point of time, but Martinez’s done a fab job.

    Would the kit have been revealed this soon if they were likely to go down? Probably not

  3. greg

    if you tilt the screen back, you can see that the sponsor is either photo-shopped on, or is on a white sticker..weird that they wouldn’t just print the black writing directly on

  4. The Verdict

    For the past 3 seasons Wigan have had a betting company on the front of their shirt.
    Surely Wigan have a social responsibility to find a more appropriate brand.
    How can Wigan still fly the ‘Wigan Athletic in the Community’ pretence with such a brand ?
    Course, betting culture is okay if you’re a multi-millionaire but most followers of Wigan are not and are living through another recession.

  5. Mr French

    It’s a nice shirt… Although betting in such a fashion is illegal in the states, i don’t condemn anyone from doing what they like… Everyone who knows Mr French knows i like Adidas kits… But not bad…

  6. James


    It’s because they remove the sponsor on kids shirts. So it would look rather stupid to have a big plane white rectangle in the middle of the shirt.

  7. gooner boy 1981

    it’s a good thing talking shite isn’t illegal in the States or Frogslegs would be on death row, shirt isn’t bad though.

  8. AlKhawa

    This kits almost same with WAFC first season in EPL. And, I hope it’s not the last season in EPL…

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