New Blackpool Third Kit 2012-2013- FILA Blackpool 125th Anniversary Shirt 12-13

This is the new Blackpool third kit 2012/2013, the Tangerines’ new 125th anniversary shirt for the 12/13 season. Blackpool’s new 2012/13 strip has been made by FILA and was officially unveiled by the club in an edition of Up the Pool in April, 2012.

Blackpool’s new third shirt 2012/13 is primarily blue in colour, as can be seen from the picture below. are again the principal sponsors of the new Tangerines third kit.

Blackpool were founded in 1887 and were relegated from the Premier League in the 2010/11 season.

FILA Blackpool Shirt

New FILA Blackpool Third Kit 2012-2013

Blackpool Anniversary Shirt Badge 2013

11 thoughts on “New Blackpool Third Kit 2012-2013- FILA Blackpool 125th Anniversary Shirt 12-13

  1. darren

    itt is a gorgeous kit. i got it for my birthday. only thing is if your gonna get one or order one, get 2 sizes bigger than normal. because fila’s kits are very small fitting. i had to get an XXXL one when i normally get XL.

    and if your getting it printed with names, numbers etc. wait till end of june, because Blackpool have gotten special dispensation fron the Football League to use numbers that arent black or white liek they normally use. they have gotten permission to use Once time Tangerine Letters and Numbers for this shirt only. and the squad list should be released by Blackpool at and of June or start July. and i have this direct from Blackpool FC

  2. Greg

    Darren – I’m really interested in buying that 125 kit from the Blackpool site. Like you, I also wear XL normally so I’m not sure whether to buy 2XL or 3XL. The size chart on the site says 2XL is 46/48 chest which is usually good for me but your note here has made me question it. What is the hand measure for armpit to armpit for your 3XL and what about from back collar to hem? Thanks!

  3. darren


    greg if u wear an xl normally and it isnt skin tight. i would get the 3XL like i did. its not skin tight but its not like a bin bag on me either. but if u want it baggy (like i normally wear my jerseys) i would get the 4XL.

    also as an anniversary kit im getting my crested with the tangerine numbers and letters and sleeve badges. the squad number shave ben now released and they have the numbers and letters in stock now from the blackpool FC web site. mine will be 31 – ANGEL

  4. Greg Nathan

    Thanks! Still hoping you’ll provide me with the hand measure of your 3XL. Please provide both armpit to armpit and back collar to hem on your shirt. Thanks!!!

  5. Greg Nathan

    I’m 5′ 11″ so I’m a little concerned that a 4XL would be long like a dress so your measurements would be very helpful. Beautiful shirt! Who is going to wear #10 for Blackpool this season? Grandson and Ormerod gone right? Thinking about getting K. Phillips #9 in those tangerine namekit but I have a preference for #10 in the shirts in my collection. Cheers

  6. Greg

    Darren – can you help me with the pit to pit and back collar to hem hand measurements of your 3XL?

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