Leaked Arsenal Kit 2012-2013- New Arsenal Away Jersey 12-13

Click here for official photos of the new Arsenal away kit 12/13- revealed July 12, 2012

This is the season for kit leaks and there’s another one going around the internet heavily rumouring the picture below to be the new Arsenal away kit for 2012-13. Arsenal’s new 12-13 jersey will be made by Nike and this leaked design seems to suggest that Nike are going to revert to the blackcurrant design that the Gunners wore not too long ago.

As always, there’s no guarantee this is the real deal, which we will only know when the club officially releases its 12-13 strip.

Edit– as of May 2012, here is another leaked design purporting to be the new kit, this time with black/purple hoops. Seems to be more authentic than the last design, but as always, we’ve got to wait for the official jersey release to be sure.

Leaked Arsenal Away Jersey 2013

Purple Arsenal Jersey Leaked

Leaked Arsenal Away Kit 12-13

37 thoughts on “Leaked Arsenal Kit 2012-2013- New Arsenal Away Jersey 12-13

  1. apek

    BS..thats just one of the rumoured away kit a few season back..I have even stumbled upon this on ebay during that season – u know, the producer of imitate shirts are just as quick in producing them..

  2. Deano

    this was the Arsenal 3rd kit four seasons back (but that jersey had a golden collar and gold on the end of the sleeves) and I would like to see this be published because I like the blackcurrrant design.

  3. blah blah!

    thats bull crap cause then they would have to change the arsenal badge back to how it was

  4. Dan

    Unless the blackcurrant stripes are more purple than red i can’t see this being the away shirt. Surely it would still cause too much of a clash with another team wearing red.

  5. Deano

    Not really, because it still has black stripes and the shorts and socks would probably be black aswell

  6. Johnmcg6

    Tats d away kit! Supposed to be anyway. Think its cool, but our kits have gone down hill fast wit nike.. Hope someone shakes up.our home kit to.. Wanna looks d part wen we start gettin silverwear again..

  7. jake

    wow a home kit thats red and an away kits thats. . .. dark red??? cos that makes sense even nice arent that stupid < use your head you cant wear that away against united , liverpool, villa, probably west ham, Its going to clash!

  8. mike

    gayest kit everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… arsenal fans can just thank god its only a leak………… mwa ha ha ha ha

  9. kim

    we now look like westham or aston villa at home when we are away.Gayest indeed!
    keep it goonerish

  10. ttppppa

    This is not the real one. I’
    ve seen it ands it better than this….nice try though.

  11. kybet

    am gooner bt cant wear ajersey with purple n red strips.i wld rather look lyk a ……dont lyk it at all
    maroon-dark strips is wtv cool thou’

  12. Dub

    this looks really terrible… what happend with the colours… if i look at the most comment nobuddy will buy those crap…

  13. JIMBOB

    is the top one blue or purple i like bottom but just the same as 07 08 3rd but thinner stripes

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