Leaked New Barcelona Kits 12-13 Nike Home Away Orange Third Jerseys 2012-2013

Click here for official pics of the new Barcelona Kits 2012/2013- Released May 22, 2012

According to reports, these are the new leaked Barcelona 12-13 kits, the home and away jerseys for the 2012-2013 season to be worn by Spanish giants Barca. The new Barca kits 12-13, made by Nike and sponsored by Qatar Foundation were leaked by sources in the Spanish press.

According to these photos of the new leaked Barcelona 2012/ 2013 jerseys, the away jersey will be orange in colour, like the strip used during the 2006-07 season. Another interesting feature is the disappearance of the prominent vertical lines on the home kit.

Leaked New Barcelona Jerseys 2012 2013

Leaked Barca Jersey 12-13

77 thoughts on “Leaked New Barcelona Kits 12-13 Nike Home Away Orange Third Jerseys 2012-2013

  1. david

    The Home jersey might look better if it didnt blend the blue with the maroon. The away is just EWW Dx and the Third is kinda cool.

  2. el barto

    I like those jerseys, I think it will be great winning madrid with them. They remember me the kits of 2006/2007 that i liked so much to see in pes….


    I LOVE THEM!!! They are unique and complement the artistry that is presented every time they take to the pitch.

  4. VSync32

    They are ok, kin of cool. At the first sight, nobody likes them but we’ll get used to them and then we’ll like them, having as an example this years’ Barca kits.

  5. hatersgonnahate

    the blue n maroon blend perfectly and somehow will help them to dive with more convincing during the game. the ref will surely cheaply tricked again.

  6. adifan

    My 8 year old brother can do a better job than this , nike is a disgrace to the greatest club team ever,what a waste.

  7. SPQR11

    I will buy it. It might look like the PSG jersey but it has the BARCELONA logo. The 2nd jersey is great.

  8. Isaac

    The third is the training kit. Its not the third jersey. The third kit will be the black jersey, the third kit is always the awa y kit of the former year.

  9. Football Kit News Post author

    @ Awal, the new 12/13 jerseys haven’t been released yet- so you won’t find them in stores.

  10. jay

    i love barca, but not their jersey design. I even didnt buy this season jerseys. They’re suck. And this new Barca kits 12/13, very awful. They should change it.

  11. bigbrain

    wat do you know about design. you are jst saying something because others who undastand colour n how to use them are talking. a layman like u wnts to talk oh yyyyyyyy. jst keep quiet n watch the greatest,best performing team in the world……….Madrid,man u,Chelsea,Liverpool, arsenal or watever fan go way you?

  12. Paulwall

    Barca’s kits have always been nice. But the new home kit takes that niceness top a whole new level. Very fresh and very now.

  13. ramy blaugrana

    actually, sometimes the designs look bad, last time i liked the jersey was the 2010-2011 season, what i hate is the collar, they never do a neat design to the collar, it’s always round or V, i hate this, real madrid design artist is better in that, i have to admit, please new collar design.

  14. jo jo lol

    barcelona rock even though the manager is leave so hard luck to sanchez messi pique xavi sergio fabregas puyol dani alves (MOST) TO THE BEST MANAGER

  15. billige fotballsko

    the manager is leave so hard luck to sanchez messi pique xavi sergio fabregas puyol dani alves (MOST) TO THE BEST MANAGER


    simply copying psg and for anyone to say otherwise has to realise that barca shouldnt have to copy other teams kits as they are unique in that there is not really a kit like theirs a(maybe levante) .they designers need to look at themselves

  17. Duvessa

    wow! the ugliest from the rest. i hope this isn’t true, hope its just the 1st undeveloped design. pls develop & throw this silly design. one word: eeeuuuwwww

  18. charkzdcheshire

    it looked like the color worn out …bleached out…or someone puke blood on it….pfft….

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