New Dundee United Away Kit 11-12

This is the new Dundee United away kit 11/12, to be worn by DUFC in their away games during the 2011/2012 SPL season. The new Dundee United away strip 11/12 has been made by Nike ( Just Sport). The kit was officially unveiled by United on 7th July, 2011.

The new Dundee away top 2011/2012 is primarily black in colour and is paired with tangerine shorts.

Calor are the sponsors of the new Dundee away top, while Dents8 are the shorts sponsors.

New Dundee United Away Kit 11-12

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  1. Rami Noumaan

    You have called this team DUNDEE when in actual fact this team is DUNDEE UNITED!! Dundee FC are actually DUNDEE UNITED’S rivals in the city! big mistake there…

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