New Celtic Away Strip 11-12

This is the new Celtic away strip 11/12, to be worn by Celtic FC on their travels in the 2011/2012 Scottish Premier League season. In fact, this photo of the new Celtic away top 11/12 was originally expected to be one of their candidates for the third strip before Celtic officially unveiled a black and yellow top as their third kit.

This Celtic away kit 11/12 features pinstripe green hoops, with grey and white being used as colours for the top. The shirt’s collar is green in colour, as can be seen from the photo of the away strip below.

This new Celtic away strip 11/12 is officially due to be unveiled on 9th August 2011, but photos of the away top were leaked on the internet long before the kit’s release.

Leaked New Celtic Away Strip 11-12

Celtic New Away Kit 11-12