New Rangers Away Kit 11-12 Umbro

This is the new Rangers away kit 11/12, made for Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers FC by kit partners Umbro. The new Rangers away strip kit 11/12 was officially released by Glasgow Rangers on June 23, 2011. Several online stores however had images of the product on their websites prior to the away kit’s unveiling, which lead to the strip being leaked before Rangers officially unveiled the kit. Photos of the new Rangers away top 11/12 are been given below.

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Looking at these photos of the new Rangers away kit 11/12, the away top is primarily red in colour with blue and white stripes. The Tennent’s logo ( sponsors of the Rangers away kit 2011/2012) is in the red part below the stripes. The Umbro logo and the Rangers club crest ( both in red colour) are however situated within the blue and white bands. The back side of the away top is fully red in colour, with the white and blue bands not stretching across the back.

The Rangers away top 11/12 will be accompanied by blue shorts and red socks, as can be seen in the photos of the away kit below.

The away kit will go on general sale from July 7, 2011.

Fans wanting to buy the new top can place their pre-orders online at JJB Sports.

And if you’ve not seen it yet, here is the Rangers home strip 11/12.

Glasgow Rangers Away Strip 2011-12

New Rangers Away Strip 11-12

New Rangers Away Top 11-12

New Rangers Away Kit 11-12 Back

5 thoughts on “New Rangers Away Kit 11-12 Umbro

  1. liam

    this is being sold on


  2. Football Kit News Post author

    The away top being sold on Littlewoods is one of the reasons this is being taken as the official strip before release.

  3. Football Kit News Post author

    Away Strip’s officially been released now!

    Same as the leaked photos!

  4. Lee Bhoy

    as a hoops fan i love our new top and was interested to see the gers new top and quite frankly i dont know how the guy who designed this strip still has a job its horrible and alot of my fellow mates ( gers supporters ) have stated they wont be buying this top and will be sticking with last seasons and they are season ticket holders …. they are not impressed :S

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